Sepupu Sepapat

Often I reminded my children about silaturrahim and family ties.  Im never tired in constantly telling them that families are the person who loves unconditionally, nurtures sincerely, comfort and understands you. They are the ones who will guide and support you. Who will never judge you and will just accept you the way you are – good or bad it is (hopefully good-la kan of course 🙂 ).

When I was growing up, I realized that my circle of sedara mara was very small.  Being young, I knew that Im mostly alone, but I did not know why.

Only when Im a little bit older than I realized that I do not have cousins or sepupu.  Then much later from then, I knew the reasons why. My arwah mom was alone. She herself did not have siblings.  As my arwah mom and dad were divorced from those ancient years,  and since I stayed with my mom then, I became distanced with my dad’s side of families. As a result, I hardly knew my cousins from my dad’s side. 

Sigh. Well, that was just  a tiny sad story of mine.

Being a mom today however, I sincerely do not want my children to go through the same heartbreaking phase like I did. When I really thought hard about it, I knew in my heart, my childhood had infact been quite sad – without families or sepupu or sedara mara surrounded me. It became less merrier.

To echo to that, I am very bersyukur and happy for my children now are blessed with plentiful of cousins 🙂 From both my side and their dad.  Tidak cukup jari-jari di tangan dan di kaki untuk mengira.  Never far from heart are of course their cousins in Merlbourne – Abdullah, Aishah, Khadijah, Aminah, Fatimah and Abdul Muhaimin.  They are dearly dearly missed and now that everybody has grown up and become IT savvy – Skype- la menjadi ‘method’ of connection.

Jauh mungkin di mata, tapi di hati – they are never far.

I just love to see them together.  They are the lucky ones. Alhamdulillah.

I do not have many pictures of  the cousins from Kelantan to share here, but lets see how happy they are anyways.  Oh and of course not forgetting the sepupu sepapat from KL also – especially of course the Nasrul’s juniors – DQ, EA and EZ.

Have a resting weekend ahead peeps 😀

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