My syawal awakenings…

I’d raised my white flag and surrendered as time passes me by.

I am plainly exhausted. Both in mind and soul.

At the peak of my trial times, I feel quitting.

I have given up on trying and hoping.

I felt hopeless and assured that life has been unfair.

I endorsed that life is indeed very tough !


These awakenings below with pics are those that lifted my dying spirit and the tough gets going…

‘Pengakhiran kita…’

Life is short afterall….As me and family were @ Singapore two weekends ago to attend to our dearest Pak Long’s funeral who passed away on Thursday, Sept 23.  Al Fatihah…

Like a big rock that struck my  head,  I realized that no matter how defeating life is… I now know that I should not given up on anything at all until death is upon me.

Then this happy face came to mind …

…..I lived for this boy of mine. 

We were having dinner few days after our Kelantan raya trip and snapped this photo. My boy here adores my niece, Nini so much that he eventually treated her as if Nini is his girlfriend 😀

As I strived harder to remain strong.. me and family crossed over to JB again on Saturday, 25 September 2010 and joined my sister and family to rejoice the Graduation of their daughter a.k.a Nini a.k.a my anak sedara la tuh… hehe.

They must have been proud and congrats to Nini… life is afterall rewarding eh.

…Least but never last it is.. my cutey here, Syaza Irdina.  She pulled out the front major ‘gigi kapak’  last week.  She was tearful that day.. but looking at her clinging to her dad, crying away as pain must be all over her.. I said to myself…Gosh, she is my life!!

How could I ever have the heart to turn away and quit life when all that I lived for are right in front of me!!

Have a lovely day ahead peeps…:)

2 Replies to “My syawal awakenings…”

  1. Hi there!
    As I missed my missing niece so much, I typed her name on google search, and I found your blog. I had a niece who was a victim of tsunami 2004, her name was Cut Syaza Irdina. She was almost 3 years. I know it’s so silly,but reading what you write about your beloved one, tears rolling down on my face, remembering all the memories back then. Take good care of your kids sweetheart. May Allah bless you and your family.
    A sad aunty.


  2. Dear Miss Laila,

    Likewise here. Tears rolled down my cheek upon reading yours. It must have been very devastating for you and your family. My prayers for your lovely niece, Cut Syaza Irdina. Thank you for dropping in and your advice is well heard 🙂 Take care now.


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