Ramadhan 2010 is ending…:(

Fuuuyyyo this year is the tip top one lah. Sungguh pantas Ramadhan 2010 berlalu and I must say that my KPI for this Ramadhan is declining from the last. Sigh.  Blame it on me being ‘maid-less’ … (alasan!!!)

Maid-less or not, I am however adjusting to the situation pretty well, I must say. Rumah lagi bersih rasanya, maklum.. rumah sendiri kan.. And I have been cooking for berbuka for most days this Ramadhan and I am very happy doing it.  Langsir sudah terpasang, bunga api pun anak-anak dah mula main… rasanya our mood raya is kicking in !

This morning as I entered Sarah’s room to wake her up for school, she is all packed!! … for our raya Kelantan trip it is.

🙂 oh anak daraku.  Sungguh excited both she and her younger siblings nak balik beraya. Maklum orang jarang balik kampung, ini lah kaedahnyer 😛

Well, there are impending few important things right this moment in our family, but I do hope we will soon hit the road to kampung.

On the similar note, for those who will start their raya journey this weekend, do drive safely.  Raya is such a joyous occasion, lets not spoil it with sadness and tears ya.

Selamat berbuka today peeps!

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