Aidil Fitri 2010

🙂 Sudah berhari hari kita beraya kan?

Hani dah kata – time dah tak leh kejar dah. Laju jerk…

So anyways, raya for us this year is Kelantan.  We had a great time catching up during Raya. My children sumer dah besar, that masing-masing dah ada agenda sendiri. Most of the time, the elder ones will be out with their cousins visiting malls kat Kelantan, while I spent a lot of family time with my lovely sisters.

I was also ‘tremendously’ hooked in the kitchen that all the snapping photos was done by my nieces, nephew and my children.  Thank god ada banyak gambar tho…

Just to share with my lovely readers, meh la kita share sekeping to rejoice the raya mood that is still ongoing. Bak kata my niece – family sape la yang anak ramai nih… 😀

Well, to all is ours 🙂 and we wish all, Salam Aidil Fitri 2010. Maaf Zahir & Batin…

OSO tiga tayunnn aaaa :)

Eh cayang….!

Kamu sudah tiga tayun aaa..

Jadi anak pandai ok

Jadi anak yang mendoakan mommy dan daddy nanti ok 🙂

Ibu cayanggggg Ucop

Pak Yang cayaaannnng OSO

Kak Long Miza muah muah Ucop

Abang Ngah pun sayang Eusoff Ammar (macho sket)

Kak Cayah cayangggggggggggggg Ucop Ammar

Kak Aja lovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss Ucop

Abang Ajin pun… hmmm sayang Eusoff Ammar 🙂

Happy Birthday darling!!


Ibu @ Batalion on 7 Sept 2010

Ramadhan 2010 is ending…:(

Fuuuyyyo this year is the tip top one lah. Sungguh pantas Ramadhan 2010 berlalu and I must say that my KPI for this Ramadhan is declining from the last. Sigh.  Blame it on me being ‘maid-less’ … (alasan!!!)

Maid-less or not, I am however adjusting to the situation pretty well, I must say. Rumah lagi bersih rasanya, maklum.. rumah sendiri kan.. And I have been cooking for berbuka for most days this Ramadhan and I am very happy doing it.  Langsir sudah terpasang, bunga api pun anak-anak dah mula main… rasanya our mood raya is kicking in !

This morning as I entered Sarah’s room to wake her up for school, she is all packed!! … for our raya Kelantan trip it is.

🙂 oh anak daraku.  Sungguh excited both she and her younger siblings nak balik beraya. Maklum orang jarang balik kampung, ini lah kaedahnyer 😛

Well, there are impending few important things right this moment in our family, but I do hope we will soon hit the road to kampung.

On the similar note, for those who will start their raya journey this weekend, do drive safely.  Raya is such a joyous occasion, lets not spoil it with sadness and tears ya.

Selamat berbuka today peeps!