Satu Ramadhan 2010


Yesterday was a bless.

I was still in KL at 5.30 pm and managed to reach home timely enough to cook a simple dish and berbuka. Alhamdulillah.

This Ramadhan carry a lot of weight for me.  Im basically bibik-less this Ramadhan and managing things on my own. But of course, Im so syukur sangat sangat for my children memahami situasi dan telah banyak menolong. In fact, it is tremendous, and Im glad and and hopeful at the same time that all these experiences that all of us going through will give some impact and weightage to their personality as a human being.

My niece, Nini who is still unemployed 🙂 as she just graduated in June last is here with me in KL during this fasting month to give a helping hand. And again, Im thankful for that. She is a life jacket thrown to you when you are about to be drowned from a sinking ship 😀

Well, least but never last it is, my younger girls, Sarah and Syaza is braving Ramadhan happily. Yesterday both of them passed with flying colurs. Especially Syaza-lah of course being the younger one.

Asked my other son, Ajin Piji -nak puasa tak?? He answered this – Ibu puasakan untuk kita kay??

😀 happy berbuka peeps !

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