Syaza Irdina’s 7th Birthday Party

🙂 salam to all. 

Work is really taxing me nowdays…sigh.. Hence, jika sempat meng-update my baby blog here every once in a while is like menghirup hot aromatic nescafe in a cool lazy Sunday morning…(time tuh laks belum mandi… *tut* busyuk… hehe).

Me (ehem ehem) being a doting mom :D, work however could never take me away from my darling children.

As our tiuuuutt doter Syaza Irdina @ Kak Jaja @ Ja @ Jaja Dinot… turned 7 over the weekend last (31 July 2010), her beloved Mak Su and batalion had eventually meng-ad-hock-kan dirinya dengan mengorganize a very simple birthday outing cum picnic for the birthday gurl – at the Titiwangsa Lake.

It may be just us – but US is all what need to have fun. We were chasing the rain that day, yet we had great time and fun, not to mention laughter and food !. Thank you keladi leaf to dearests Maksu and Pak Su of course… (it was a nice curry Wa btw)..

Meh jenguk gambar.  Happy Birthday again my darling !

To begin with, that lovely morning, we had our small ‘do’ at Mc D. Daddy was away that day, so it was just us lor.

Birthday Party at the Titiwangsa lake later part during the day @ 31 July 2010…



lalingsss… nanti kita ajak Mak Su gi picnic lagi kay??? 😀

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