Our ups and our downs…

… those actually shaped whoever we are today.

I may be not at my best understanding of what you are going through right now but I am sure you know how much I care.  You have always been there in my needy times and console my nonsense, and do know that I will always be here kay 🙂

Those happier moments should be our pillar of strength to brave our sad days.

Life can be quite complicated at times, but hey.. did not we have our happy times.

🙂 Breath easy. You will have a brighter day soon.

Take care now !

Ramadhan reaches its mid..

Salam di hari ke 14 Ramadhan 2010 !

Not so long ago when I started blogging, updating this baby blog of mine seemed to be a ‘MUST’. I must admit that on the days that I was unable to pen anything at all, I would be constantly thinking about it.

But (sighed), I found it rather amazing that I am actually busy with office work nowadays. Gosh, I really am. Take this Ramadhan for example, I basically only be making a single trip to the loo (unless ada emergency if is of course, one trip to do my Zohor prayers and thats about it. Other second, minute and hour, I would be at my desk doing my HR and recruitment work, I would be going out very frequently doing my procurement matters and rounds with my boss, else  I would be in an intense series of meetings, discussions and brainstromings with my boss and team mates or I would be travelling down to JB for my field trip (I am now basically travelling down once a week!).

Well, who is not busy afterall pun kan?

At my quiet moments, when I looked back to my journey working, as I thought about my current hectic schedules, I would like – wow!! I am actually working my *** out man 😀 at this!

Strange but true however,  I have only a single one word for it actually – satisfaction... full stop.

Anyways, much closer to home and heart it is, sedar tak sedar, dah 14 hari ini Ramadhan datang menjengah…

Yeah I know – time just fly isn’t it??

My juniors are braving sahur and berpuasa macam biasa. My first born of course balik seminggu sekali jerk since she is at her boarding school. Kinda miss her, as always. My eldest son, cool jerk. My girls, Sarah and Syaza are doing much better compared to last year.  They made less phone calls to me mengadu pasal penat lah, lapar lah, dahaga lah. 

🙂 better isn’t it??

Well, I am not cooking today as beloved hubby bagi time off today. Hehe. Been cooking almost daily hokay!. Dia kesian kot tengok dear wifey for the very first time in her career life – bekerja tak hingat dunia !! 😛

hehe with that ending note for now, selamat berbuka peeps.

Muahs love ya.

Satu Ramadhan 2010


Yesterday was a bless.

I was still in KL at 5.30 pm and managed to reach home timely enough to cook a simple dish and berbuka. Alhamdulillah.

This Ramadhan carry a lot of weight for me.  Im basically bibik-less this Ramadhan and managing things on my own. But of course, Im so syukur sangat sangat for my children memahami situasi dan telah banyak menolong. In fact, it is tremendous, and Im glad and and hopeful at the same time that all these experiences that all of us going through will give some impact and weightage to their personality as a human being.

My niece, Nini who is still unemployed 🙂 as she just graduated in June last is here with me in KL during this fasting month to give a helping hand. And again, Im thankful for that. She is a life jacket thrown to you when you are about to be drowned from a sinking ship 😀

Well, least but never last it is, my younger girls, Sarah and Syaza is braving Ramadhan happily. Yesterday both of them passed with flying colurs. Especially Syaza-lah of course being the younger one.

Asked my other son, Ajin Piji -nak puasa tak?? He answered this – Ibu puasakan untuk kita kay??

😀 happy berbuka peeps !

Ramadhan 2010

Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan tiba lagi.

Esok, 11 August 2010 will mark 1 Ramadhan 1431.

As the Holy Month embraces us, I surrender myself to Allah SWT for I am His sinner 😦 I seek my taubat from Him and Im praying humbly hard that Allah SWT will forgive me.

Syukur Alhamdulillah, 2010 will mark another healthy and blessed year for me and family.

Hani dan keluarga, menyusun jari sepuluh memohon keampunan dari semua jika ada tutur kata dan perbuatan kami yang memudaratkan….

May Ramadhan 2010 will be the best-est for us all !!


My Day…


My day huh??? Certainly hope so it is…

I think I pay a loaddddddddddd of price for this wisdom 😛

Go ahead and have a lovely day Hani darling 😀

Syaza Irdina’s 7th Birthday Party

🙂 salam to all. 

Work is really taxing me nowdays…sigh.. Hence, jika sempat meng-update my baby blog here every once in a while is like menghirup hot aromatic nescafe in a cool lazy Sunday morning…(time tuh laks belum mandi… *tut* busyuk… hehe).

Me (ehem ehem) being a doting mom :D, work however could never take me away from my darling children.

As our tiuuuutt doter Syaza Irdina @ Kak Jaja @ Ja @ Jaja Dinot… turned 7 over the weekend last (31 July 2010), her beloved Mak Su and batalion had eventually meng-ad-hock-kan dirinya dengan mengorganize a very simple birthday outing cum picnic for the birthday gurl – at the Titiwangsa Lake.

It may be just us – but US is all what need to have fun. We were chasing the rain that day, yet we had great time and fun, not to mention laughter and food !. Thank you keladi leaf to dearests Maksu and Pak Su of course… (it was a nice curry Wa btw)..

Meh jenguk gambar.  Happy Birthday again my darling !

To begin with, that lovely morning, we had our small ‘do’ at Mc D. Daddy was away that day, so it was just us lor.

Birthday Party at the Titiwangsa lake later part during the day @ 31 July 2010…



lalingsss… nanti kita ajak Mak Su gi picnic lagi kay??? 😀