Go baby go!

Alhamdulillah, semuanya diizinkanNya dan dipermudahkanNya that I decided to cancel my JB trip and went to her school instead on Friday, 30 April last.

My enormous gratefullness and syukur to The AlMighty for Miza Syakirah.  This year, im in her school again to receive some awards for her achievement for 2009. She got 9As in her PMR last year and also an Achievement Award as she passed with flying colours in her French paper exam recently.

Mak punya excited lupa bawak kamera :), so gambar nih jer lah yang ada, inipun thanks to my hp-lah.

As for today till this Friday, she is away from her school and being camped at Sek Men Bukit Unjur in Klang to participate in an Archery Competition.  My baby girl is representing Daerah Gombak in this archery competition. She texted me this morning seeking my blessing and all the luck in the world for her tourney.

I told her, she does not need luck as she is the best!!

To my baby girl, both me and ayah are all proud of  you and wishing you loads more success and great life ahead. Satu jerk pesan Ibu – jangan lupa Allah, jangan lupa Solat as segala yang buruk itu adalah kelemahan kita sendiri dan segala yang baik itu adalah dari Allah SWT.

With that note, im signing off for now. Have a good day peeps !

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