Alahai bossku…

I have been driving to workplace these past few days after few months taking trains and comuter to work. And I must say, jalanraya-jalanraya di Kolumpo sejak dua menjak nih begitu-lah teramat jam-nyer dan sungguh bersimpang siur.

Malaysians are too rich and bought themselves too bloody  too many cars and congest the roads!!

As a results, Hani rasa penat sangat sehari dua nih. Penat menekan padle brek kot.


Infact, while Im posting this short entry, Im at the same time packing my stuff and getting ready to balik 🙂 Boss dah kasik, balik aaa.

My boss nih memang jenis yang rare spesies :D…hehe.  All I said to him in the car this morning, “Malam tadi tak dapat tido sangat coz I was out and got back late..” He replied, “why dont you go back bit early then today and get some rest Hani..!!”

Apalagi !! Kita nak balik la nih!! 🙂 To all, berhati-hati memandu dan selamat beristirehat with your loved ones!!

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