..When love goes wrong…

…., nothing will go right.

I don’t know about you-lah, but I – believe in love. I believe that love will prospher into bigger things in life, being managed properly.

Love can and will elevate us to a new level of how we review things around us. We look forward to another day when we are in love, don’t we? We want ‘the’ future to happen.

Two souls who are madly in love will strive and committed to make each other happy. Suddenly, every minor and major things become a perspective and noone says its an easy task.

Jangan pandang enteng dong pasal cinta. Because when bercinta, jangan syok sendiri dan bercinta dengan diri sendiri pulak.  The moment you announce that you are in love, another soul and heart is warming.  Its a two-way thingy really.

Banyak versi cinta I know. Ask 3 people, and we will get 3 versions.  Similar yet different.  Pelik tapi benar.

I can write a book on love 😀 so, before saya melalut-lalut bragging about l.o.v.e, … sebenarnya yang Hani nak share sebenarnya adalah about this movie that we watched.

Its Valentine’s Day.  We watched the midnite show. Punya lah sesak panggung. Sungguh ramai manusia yang bercinta kat Kolumpor nih rupanya….hehe.

Anyway, to me the movie was generally ok-lah. Nothing to shout about.  Ordinary lovey-lovey Hollywood movie.

Quick personal review – ramai sangat pelakon-pelakon yang feberet saya kat situ. Especially si Julia Robert and my darling Ashton Kutcher.. pergh mamat tuh.. romantik tak hingat and he is naturally funny and nyum nyum lah! 😀

Jalan cerita cinta dia pendek-pendek jer. Few couples’s classic love story being narrated in sequence, tapi jalan susun dia cantik la. Tidak lah carca marba macam cerita local kita Sepi -.

Tapi al-maklum, if Hollywood yang buat movie, sure melotup punya. Walau penceritaannya (chewah) pendek, tapi isi cerita-nyer filled. Puas mata memandang, puas juga hati menengok.  Its a direct-cyrstal clear kinda movie.  Otak tak sesak nak fikir.

Light and easy, dan jiwa tenang jerk 🙂  Rasa la lomantik kejab.. hehe.

Overall rating – pergi lah tengok this movie kay… Worth your RM 12.

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