Hey guys.

I was away in Singapore yesterday on a day working trip (penat gilos).

Must admit that being married to a Singaporean half-half πŸ˜€ for like almost 17 years, the side of Singapore where I believed to cater the upper level kinda peeps, tidak lah pernah Hani sampai…. till yesterday it was-lah.Β (Kesiannyer).

So anyways, it was an eye opener really for me.

Singapore has advanced wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahead of us in terms of just anything !! (perasan la pulok semua cuzon cuzon ku di Singapura itu -ceh!), but thats the truth. Truth can be hurtful at times,Β .. tapi itu lah hakikatnyer.

Why they managed to be where they are today?? Like personally I think because the minds of Singaporeans are very focused (especially the minds of their leaders or whoever that design that plan-lah!). They know what they want and remained focused and steady towards it.

Itu lah masalahnyer ngan kita pulak Malaysians. We keep on changing our minds. Kejab nak tuh, kejab nak ini…sudahnyer.. habuk pun tarak la.

And one more thing, Hani rasalah kan.. dalam hidup nih, if kita tak tahu buat sesuatu menda tuh, jangan lah nak tunjuk pandai and boasted as if we know… πŸ˜€

Bak kata omputih, leave it to the expert-lah.

So anyways, we took like tons of gambar semalam since ada sorang mamat tuh ter-suka lah pulok menjadi photographer (maklum kamera mahal tuh!), and now nih Hani sedang ler menunggu dia meng-edit semua gambar-gambar itu.

Sesungguhnyer penantian itu memanglah menyeksakan. Kan?

TETAPI.. Hani telah memaksa dia meng-email dulu berberapa keping gambar untuk Hani pampang-pampang kat sini, so dia email la yang ini… πŸ˜€


(Just in case you are wondering where is Knolls – it is actually at The Capella, Sentosa. It is rated a six-star hotel btw and calling all honeymooners… go there!!)

(Dempsey Hill pulak is located at the Tanglin Village – the most happening of F& B)..

wow besh besh..

So until he is DONE with the rest of Β his editing, selamat berhujung minggu!!

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