Life is…?

Lets pour and ponder.

A wise friend thought of this – life is like writing in a pen. We may cross it as many, but we could never erase it.

My respond – blame it on my small memory box 😀 because there were like so many many things in the past that I have crossed and deleted. Permanently. My rationale is, that is how you move forward, without shouldering any bad past memories.

The saying that we may forgive but let alone forget is also very true, but there are also things that we can actually erase for good. Tough it may be, but with a sincere  ‘nawaitu’ it is also not impossible for us to achieve. I reckoned being human, it can be rough and challenging but it CAN be done, InsyaAllah.

Afterall, niat yang ikhlas akan membuahkan hasil yang ikhlas, InsyaAllah…

At the end of the day – tepuk dada, tanya lah selera sendiri 🙂

Correct me if I am wrong guys?

4 Replies to “Life is…?”

  1. Salaam.
    My chinese friend once told me this…Life is like a wheel of a car. One day it is all shiny and clean….and on some other days, peed on by dogs…
    Still trying to figure that one out….


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