As Sherry and Hasi turned wiser…

It was a treat of a life time whenever we had the opportunity to gather. We seized it.

As we were sungguh-lah kecoh dan meriah (as usual- lah kan..),  what important was we actually made an effort for this kinda occasion.  Loads of cathing up to do everytime. Not to mention laughter and a great time. 

But like I said, hot from the oven are the photos that we took last night as Zana, ***tut** 😀 and myself treated our birthday gurls  for a ‘yummy and a very loud’ dinner.

The memories …

Our birthday gurls… Sherry and Hasi..

ehem- ehem… 😀



owh.. our favorite meal out of many that we had malam tadi was this ‘must try’ in the menu – Jumbo Combo. Set our hearts afire. Where was the place?  The catch – batu keras 😀

Well thats it, happy birthday my darlings. We love you, we had a great time and lets do it again. Like soon?

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