..when Ajin speaks

It is amazing to see a child grows up.

Every single second of their lives, they develop their mind and personality.  God is The Greatest, really.

Like this morning, my youngest manja boy, Ajin told me this.

“Ibu, kita kena pergi cekolah. Cekolah belum habis. Nanti teacher marah…”…

(He was bit warm this morning, so I told him not to go to school, but “cekolah belum habis” ??!?)…. hehe comel sungguh.

Then, last night, this was what he said to me,

“Kakak Teacher tuh very nice Ibu…”

(Since the teacher is definitely someone older, kena-lah panggil ‘kakak’ kot, so jadilah – “Kakak Teacher” for him 😀

Oh and another thing, last night while happily sitting on my lap, he said this to me dengan pelat-nya.

“Ibu, why Abang Ngah tak cekolah? “…

… because, Abang Ngah sekolah sessi petang sayangku.. by the time, you are back from your kindee, Abang Ngah is only getting ready for his session.

Wonderfully amazing, isn’t it?.. gosh, I just cannot resist that boy!!

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