Back to school, back to life…

Dengan lafaz Bismillah Hirohmanirrahim..  Aloha 2010 !!! (latarbelakang fireworks 😀 )

Doa dan harapan Hani untuk diri Hani sendiri, my beloved betterhalf and children, dearest friends and to all agar 2010 akan menjadi waktu yang lebih barakah dan mekar dan agar segala-galanya, InsyaAllah akan dirahmati dan dipermudahkan oleh Allah SWT, My Sustainer and The Hearer of all…


Segala yang kabur, diperjelaskan
Segala yang gundah, ditenangkan
Segala yang bahang, disejukkan
Segala yang  jauh, diperdekatkan
Segala yang sukar, dipermudahkan
Segala yang indah, diperkenankan..

Amin ya rabbal alamin !!!

🙂 As for something dearer to my heart is that today, Monday, 4 January 2010 two of our juniors kicked off their schooling life..

My Ajin Piji yang manja bucuk-bucuk Ibu itu telah  melangkah dengan ‘acam’nyer ke alam persekolahan. His first day in Tadika today – Tadika Little Caliphs. I know from his face this morning this is a really ‘big’ thing for him. I just cannot imagine what was inside his mind as he stepped out from the house into my car before I sent him off.  Must be a milestone for you eh sayang…?

As for our Syaza Irdina pula yang today memasuki alam persekolahan ‘sebenar’ di darjah satu. Gosh, dah besar dah anak Ibu yang tinot ini. She is very manja and petit and has been an angel to his dad especially.  Feels only yesterday she started her tadika…

I was briefly at her school this morning and it brings a warm joy to my heart seeing how happy she is braving another life episode of hers.

To both my darlings, me the proudest mother in the entire world!! Muahs..

Them this morning …



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