Gosh these past few days have been hectic.

Segala-galanyer. You name it.

From bangun pagi. transportation. school. work. betterhalf. again. recuitment issues. food issues.… bla bla.

Oh and not to mention the numerous round of the food tasting that we had for our Retreat. Thank God its now over and done with. With flying colours tho must say 🙂

I want to be hopeful for a better week next week. Amin.

They say, better to hope than not to hope at all…Mess mess go away- lah!

Till next time peeps, have a good resting weekend ! Muahs love ya.

Our blessings

My firstborn is sixteen years old this year. Wow. What an achievement for me ay 😀 and daddy of course.

What I want to post here today took place almost a month ago actually, but there is never lateness to good times kan?

As it was a lovely and happy time for our family when Miza,  Alhamdulilah scored the straight A’s for her PMR and as all of us were in a wonderful celebratory mood, makan-makan la apa lagi dengan Rezq yang Allah SWT berikan.

The usual suspects yang makan begitu berselera adalah mereka dan mereka ini lah.. hehe. 


One of ‘those moment’ for us all in the family.  Alhamdulillah…

Have a good resting weekend ahead people !

Life is…?

Lets pour and ponder.

A wise friend thought of this – life is like writing in a pen. We may cross it as many, but we could never erase it.

My respond – blame it on my small memory box 😀 because there were like so many many things in the past that I have crossed and deleted. Permanently. My rationale is, that is how you move forward, without shouldering any bad past memories.

The saying that we may forgive but let alone forget is also very true, but there are also things that we can actually erase for good. Tough it may be, but with a sincere  ‘nawaitu’ it is also not impossible for us to achieve. I reckoned being human, it can be rough and challenging but it CAN be done, InsyaAllah.

Afterall, niat yang ikhlas akan membuahkan hasil yang ikhlas, InsyaAllah…

At the end of the day – tepuk dada, tanya lah selera sendiri 🙂

Correct me if I am wrong guys?

Hari yang sungguh malas…

Monday blues attacked me to the max today 😀

I have been seated at my desk from 9 am this morning and has not achieved anything solid till now as my watch striked 4 pm.  I just want to go home. Period.

Probably yesterday and Saturday (the weekend last) had taxed me with loads of family chores and occasions.

Hmmm… blues blues go away lah!!

As Sherry and Hasi turned wiser…

It was a treat of a life time whenever we had the opportunity to gather. We seized it.

As we were sungguh-lah kecoh dan meriah (as usual- lah kan..),  what important was we actually made an effort for this kinda occasion.  Loads of cathing up to do everytime. Not to mention laughter and a great time. 

But like I said, hot from the oven are the photos that we took last night as Zana, ***tut** 😀 and myself treated our birthday gurls  for a ‘yummy and a very loud’ dinner.

The memories …

Our birthday gurls… Sherry and Hasi..

ehem- ehem… 😀



owh.. our favorite meal out of many that we had malam tadi was this ‘must try’ in the menu – Jumbo Combo. Set our hearts afire. Where was the place?  The catch – batu keras 😀

Well thats it, happy birthday my darlings. We love you, we had a great time and lets do it again. Like soon?

Our birthday gurl !

Our path crossed more than two decades ago and we have been friends since.  I am so blessed and thankful for her.

My sahabat, Sherry.

A responsible mother.
A loving wifey
An extraordinary daughter
An amazing friend
A great person !

… celebrates her gorgeous birthday today, 9 Jan.

Have a blastful moments babe. May Allah SWT watch over you and shower you His endless love with your loved ones..


.. and your everlasting happiness with us ! … 😀

We super duper LOVE you babe !!!!

..when Ajin speaks

It is amazing to see a child grows up.

Every single second of their lives, they develop their mind and personality.  God is The Greatest, really.

Like this morning, my youngest manja boy, Ajin told me this.

“Ibu, kita kena pergi cekolah. Cekolah belum habis. Nanti teacher marah…”…

(He was bit warm this morning, so I told him not to go to school, but “cekolah belum habis” ??!?)…. hehe comel sungguh.

Then, last night, this was what he said to me,

“Kakak Teacher tuh very nice Ibu…”

(Since the teacher is definitely someone older, kena-lah panggil ‘kakak’ kot, so jadilah – “Kakak Teacher” for him 😀

Oh and another thing, last night while happily sitting on my lap, he said this to me dengan pelat-nya.

“Ibu, why Abang Ngah tak cekolah? “…

… because, Abang Ngah sekolah sessi petang sayangku.. by the time, you are back from your kindee, Abang Ngah is only getting ready for his session.

Wonderfully amazing, isn’t it?.. gosh, I just cannot resist that boy!!