9A for Kakak Becar a.k.a our Baby

*Miza and the proud dad 🙂 *

She got her PMR result today.

And as I am writing this right this very moment, tears rolled down my cheek with this amazing and ‘big’ feeling for the Rezq that Allah SWT bless us with….

It is indeed a happy day for us today in the family.

To my daughter – Syukur and congrats darling, as you earn this success! Ibu and Ayah are two bless souls for you…

I am glad you finally get what Ibu means, when I said – “opportunity only comes once in life, grab it or it will pass us by”

To you again B, sekalung tahniah dari Ibu, have a wonderful time today and sky is your limit kay !!

🙂 Thank you all, dearest families and close friends and dearest readers for all the doa and kind prayers. May Allah SWT bless us all.


6 Replies to “9A for Kakak Becar a.k.a our Baby”

  1. Dearest Paksu : tq for all the du’a. Belanja tuh masuk buku 555 leh?
    Untie Noryn : Congrats to Iman as well and tq.
    Uncle Shahi : Dadddddddddddddddd jerk? Marah my ibu tau 😀


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