Ajin & Ammar

It has been ‘awhile’ since Ajin Piji, my youngest boy balik kampung.

In fact if I remember correctly, that was the only third time dia balik. He has least idea what ‘kampung’ is.. ! Few days before we left for Kelantan earlier this month, he kept on asking me what is Kelantan. And I will take the time to explain to him what is Kelantan or ‘where’ is Kelantan.. (poor boy).

Then the journey for kampung started. We left our home at about 2pm. Come Asar belum sampai. He was getting restless and started to wail about his discomfort.  I diam-kan jer. Penat.

Then come maghrib time and obviously dah malam-lah…. My guess he just could not take it anymore and in his own word and a frown face…

“Ibu, jauh lah Kelantan nih… dah malam pun tak sampai lagi..”

Poor boy… Now you know eh sayang…

So anyway, bila sampai, member dah lupa segala-galanya about that lenghty journey that he just adventured. He was giggling, playing, jumping and having an amazing time.

And guess with who?? With his beloved second cousin (my niece’s only son) yang dia tak pernah jumpa now that both of them has grown up into two charming young boys!!

They loved each other’s company and had a great time together.

Look ..


To Ammar, we await you kat KL pulak kay? 🙂

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