4A 1B

Ask any parents about their proudest moments, definitely be their children.

Rasa happy dan bangga dia semacam. Its hard for me to blend it into words tapi m sure if a dad or mommy reading this, ‘you’ would understand eh 🙂

On the same note, my entire family was enormously grateful and bersyukur as our first son got his UPSR results semalam.

He got 4As and 1Bs. Alhamdulillah…God is oft Giving Most Merciful…

Note to Miza (our firstborn just incase she will read this) – Ibu knows you scored better in your UPSR results 3 years ago and brings you where you are today, but sharing Abang Ngah’s success is somehow different because we both know ‘how’ he was years ago. Remember last year when one of his monthly exams he got the last position in his class? It broke my heart really but trying not to show it to him and I motivated him instead. As his mom, I ‘see’ his talent. Hidden only Allah knows where.. but giving up on him was NEVER an option to me and all of us.  He ‘delayed’ his desire to study to only quite recently and somehow manage to catch up..)

So B, you and abang ngah, or Sarah or Syaza or even Ajin Piji are the reasons why I am here. His success is definitely yours and yours is definitely his… Let us all be happy and cherish the happy moments..

To dearest families, buddies and friends – Allah SWT sahaja yang dapat membalas segala doa dan kata-kata selamat anda..

We love you very much and thank you for sharing this joy time with us.

4 Replies to “4A 1B”

  1. Bak kata paksu dia selalu ‘biasalah tu,hero mesti tunjuk belang ujung2 bila citer nk abis’ hehe.We r proud of u abg ngah!!dun 4get to learn a lesson ek bro…lenkali x leka n lambat wat preparation.We know u can do better next exam bro :). Luvsss…..paksu,maksu,DQ,EA,EZ.


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