..how uncertain is life?

The answer – very the !!

My colleague asked me about some schedule this morning in her effort to arrange for a meeting and said to me, “Tomorrow is too short of a notice la Hani..”

I replied, “… life is short anyway !”..

In another incident, as we were watching TV last few days, my betterhalf was complaining about our dining tv. He said, the colour was fading and expressed his concern that soon rosak-lah tuh, he further acclaimed.

Minutes away just now, Syaza rang me from home and said, “Ibu, tv rumah kita tiba-tiba padam”..

Oh nooooooooooooooo.

Hmm…, wait till my betterhalf finds out.

As for Hani, I dah ready satu jawapan for him 😀 …  “Sayang, life is afterall uncertain, what more TV???” 

haha (distress mode)…

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