…Weekend aaa? Again??

Every Monday, my boss would ask me this, “Hani, how was ur weekend? Good ?”

For first few Mondays in my working years with him, all sorts of glaring answers I gave. Meriah sungguh segala jawapan-jawapan yang Hani kasi.

Then later, narrowed to something like, …”Hmm okay lah”.. :)..

Much-much later (til present) however, he stops asking. My guess – he pitied me, because if he ever did-pun, I would say.. “Dont ask lerrrr!” 😉

This weekend pun not sparing nampak gayanya…. Gosh, planning dan memikir pun saya telah penat tau.

To list down, some back-to-back stuff that I need to do, for this weekend namely,

1.  Syaza needs to visit the dentist for the very first time (she is all excited about it tho).
2.  Sarah wishes to cut her hair ( I hate the ‘wait’ at the hairdresser’s place!).
3.  Need to send food to Miza in Rawang since her class money is with me and its her class farewell (they want KFC.. mengada tau budak-budak nih!!)
4.  Esok malam, I promised a good friend to a dinner (corporate dinner??? erksss tetiba now I feel so malas!!)
6.  “NEED” to visit my lil sis, Awa and the kiddos (mommy dia beranak.. kesian adik I nih..)
7.  Need to take Hazim out for his pending birthday treat (Lahai… mana pulak nak bawak dia??)
8.  Tentatively, I nak sangat lepak with my buddy, Rynn as she plans to come over  (ada ka masa kita nih my friend??)  Erks..

…. bla bla bla the misc lists continues… (Am I complaining too much )

(Just in case you are wondering, why am I venturing the lists above all alone…. –  Suamiku ber hooray-horray this weekend as he is away to some Office Retreat??… arghhhh (jeles mode  nih!!).

Hmm… so come next Monday, jangan lah ada orang tanya how my weekend has been 😀

I reckon, Monday is indeed blue afterall eh??


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