Abang Ngah dah boleh buat IC..

Feels only yesterday that I held my first boy in my  hands.. tup tup.. dah boleh buat IC dah anak bujang I nih hah today.. 🙂

My first boy, Mustafa Hazim a.k.a Abang Ngah is born on this lovely date (11.11), twelve years ago.

Being ‘macho’ or ‘hanco’ (as he usually put it.. hehe), he quickly brushed aside any cake blowing or birthday celebration or any sort today, (thank god!) .., but your birthday has always remind me and  your dad of our emotions on the day when you were born.

After your Kak Long turned 3 years old, both me and Ayah became anxious to have a boy pulak. We thought it would be nice to have a pair.  Very timely, you were conceived, Alhamdulillah.

My morning sickness was almost unbearable that I thought, how easy would it be for me if the ‘insan’ who I carried in my stomach then, would be a boy-lah …

Oh yes, Allah is the greatest indeed. He answered my prayers, alhamdulillah. So, at exactly 5.40 pm on 11.11.1997  a healthy 3.4 kg baby boy came along and complete our family and our feelings was beyond any words can say at that time!!! We felt so deeply blessed with your arrival my son. 

So my darling son turns 12, today…..  I said to him last night as the clock striked midnight, “already aaa???) hehe.  Time greatly flies ay.  Me and his dad brought him along with us to watch the Premier show of much awaited – the 2012 malam tadi and we all enjoyed the movie to the max. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Highly recommended (selingan)… 😀

Timeless and non-boundaries is our love for you… Ibu and Ayah always pray that you will have a happy, good and successful life. Sky is the limit for you to pursue whatever and whoever that you want to become.

Since you almost hate to be photographed, so Ibu susah sungguh nak carik latest photo of you.. But anyways, Happy Birthday! We all love you sayang! Have a fabulous time today k.

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