Another graduation, Another newborn

Weekend last was historic!!….

Mana tidaknyer, 🙂 as we we joyfully and proudly celebrating our Syaza Irdina’s graduation from her kindy – Little Caliphs on Saturday, 6 November 2009, on the ‘other’ side of the world – a newborn is being born into our extended family !!

To Syaza Irdina – as you graduates from your kindy, Ibu has these to say – Ibu and Ayah loves you very much. You have done us proud darling, as always. Membesar lah menjadi anak kebanggaan keluarga kay, May Allah SWT guides you and showers you His blessings along your journey. Amin.

It was our tremendous joy as parents to see you growing up being all healthy and happy…

Here are some photos of the year-end concert and graduation..

Cert syaza_1



Nevertheless, less then 24 hours before Syaza’s  ‘big’ day, my lil sis, Awa, with our Praise to Allah SWT, telah selamatkan melahirkan another 4.2 kg boy contender (thats how his dad puts it.. hehe).

The one precious photo below is taken just hours after his arrival by his daddy.  Here he is.. all tembam and tiut..


He is born Friday, 6 November 2009 (kenapa tak tunggu esok nyer dik oi macam Pak Yang ckp – 7 Eleven??) Ish.

He is yet unnamed.

But Ibu doakan hanya yang indah dan terbaik buat ‘orang baru’. Allah SWT in all His Greatness and Wisdom plans your life already, I am sure. May you membesar bagi johan kay :)…

Hmm… like I said earlier, as Kak Syaza was graduating grom her Kindy, here you are being born to start a fresh life altogether !!

Allah has His plans ay…

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