Eunoss Zariff


Anak sape? 😀

Anak adikku, Cik Siti Salwa dan kekandanyer, En Nasrul Rizal. Latest collection depa la nih. Nama dia yang mommy dan daddy kasik ialah EUNOSS ZARIFF (*read* Yunus). Makna nama itu, sila lah carik sendiri yea… tapi if you asked me, I know Yunus is nama nabi kita… Alhamdulillah.

Full posting about his arrival can be read here at his mommy’s ..

My juniors are most thrilled with his arrival. Maklum dah tak de adik kan… 😛 

This time around, Hani teramatlah busy-nyer (sigh) sehingga ter-abandon si Eunoss nih. Feel horrible that cannot spend much time with the new boy… Apappun, Ibu harap dan doakan sentiasa both Eunoss and mommy are in well and in the good hands of daddy and Allah SWT…

Apa-apapun, Ibu nak gak enter frame. Last weekend, Untie Noryn came and visit and here we are ..


4A 1B

Ask any parents about their proudest moments, definitely be their children.

Rasa happy dan bangga dia semacam. Its hard for me to blend it into words tapi m sure if a dad or mommy reading this, ‘you’ would understand eh 🙂

On the same note, my entire family was enormously grateful and bersyukur as our first son got his UPSR results semalam.

He got 4As and 1Bs. Alhamdulillah…God is oft Giving Most Merciful…

Note to Miza (our firstborn just incase she will read this) – Ibu knows you scored better in your UPSR results 3 years ago and brings you where you are today, but sharing Abang Ngah’s success is somehow different because we both know ‘how’ he was years ago. Remember last year when one of his monthly exams he got the last position in his class? It broke my heart really but trying not to show it to him and I motivated him instead. As his mom, I ‘see’ his talent. Hidden only Allah knows where.. but giving up on him was NEVER an option to me and all of us.  He ‘delayed’ his desire to study to only quite recently and somehow manage to catch up..)

So B, you and abang ngah, or Sarah or Syaza or even Ajin Piji are the reasons why I am here. His success is definitely yours and yours is definitely his… Let us all be happy and cherish the happy moments..

To dearest families, buddies and friends – Allah SWT sahaja yang dapat membalas segala doa dan kata-kata selamat anda..

We love you very much and thank you for sharing this joy time with us. uncertain is life?

The answer – very the !!

My colleague asked me about some schedule this morning in her effort to arrange for a meeting and said to me, “Tomorrow is too short of a notice la Hani..”

I replied, “… life is short anyway !”..

In another incident, as we were watching TV last few days, my betterhalf was complaining about our dining tv. He said, the colour was fading and expressed his concern that soon rosak-lah tuh, he further acclaimed.

Minutes away just now, Syaza rang me from home and said, “Ibu, tv rumah kita tiba-tiba padam”..

Oh nooooooooooooooo.

Hmm…, wait till my betterhalf finds out.

As for Hani, I dah ready satu jawapan for him 😀 …  “Sayang, life is afterall uncertain, what more TV???” 

haha (distress mode)…

Weekend oh weekend :)

Monday today.

And sebelum Monday menjadi ‘blue’ (hehe), jom layan gambar-gambar Syaza – her ‘before’ and ‘after’ her first dentist visit..

One gigi susu gone. She was all excited about it 😀

syaza_before syaza_after

*Before (sibuk jer Ajin Piji kat back ground dia tuh..) hehe  then *after”… sukanyer dia gigi dah tak de…

Then another big ‘mission’ that accomplished over the weekend was to take my birthday boy out for his belated birthday dinner..


Daddy came back earlier then expected (tak tahan mendengar aku mengomel kot 😉 ) , so he took us out to have the birthday dinner..

Happy belated birthday Abang Ngah !! (banyak makan nampak…)

🙂 weekend?? hmm…. not too bad.

…Weekend aaa? Again??

Every Monday, my boss would ask me this, “Hani, how was ur weekend? Good ?”

For first few Mondays in my working years with him, all sorts of glaring answers I gave. Meriah sungguh segala jawapan-jawapan yang Hani kasi.

Then later, narrowed to something like, …”Hmm okay lah”.. :)..

Much-much later (til present) however, he stops asking. My guess – he pitied me, because if he ever did-pun, I would say.. “Dont ask lerrrr!” 😉

This weekend pun not sparing nampak gayanya…. Gosh, planning dan memikir pun saya telah penat tau.

To list down, some back-to-back stuff that I need to do, for this weekend namely,

1.  Syaza needs to visit the dentist for the very first time (she is all excited about it tho).
2.  Sarah wishes to cut her hair ( I hate the ‘wait’ at the hairdresser’s place!).
3.  Need to send food to Miza in Rawang since her class money is with me and its her class farewell (they want KFC.. mengada tau budak-budak nih!!)
4.  Esok malam, I promised a good friend to a dinner (corporate dinner??? erksss tetiba now I feel so malas!!)
6.  “NEED” to visit my lil sis, Awa and the kiddos (mommy dia beranak.. kesian adik I nih..)
7.  Need to take Hazim out for his pending birthday treat (Lahai… mana pulak nak bawak dia??)
8.  Tentatively, I nak sangat lepak with my buddy, Rynn as she plans to come over  (ada ka masa kita nih my friend??)  Erks..

…. bla bla bla the misc lists continues… (Am I complaining too much )

(Just in case you are wondering, why am I venturing the lists above all alone…. –  Suamiku ber hooray-horray this weekend as he is away to some Office Retreat??… arghhhh (jeles mode  nih!!).

Hmm… so come next Monday, jangan lah ada orang tanya how my weekend has been 😀

I reckon, Monday is indeed blue afterall eh??


Abang Ngah dah boleh buat IC..

Feels only yesterday that I held my first boy in my  hands.. tup tup.. dah boleh buat IC dah anak bujang I nih hah today.. 🙂

My first boy, Mustafa Hazim a.k.a Abang Ngah is born on this lovely date (11.11), twelve years ago.

Being ‘macho’ or ‘hanco’ (as he usually put it.. hehe), he quickly brushed aside any cake blowing or birthday celebration or any sort today, (thank god!) .., but your birthday has always remind me and  your dad of our emotions on the day when you were born.

After your Kak Long turned 3 years old, both me and Ayah became anxious to have a boy pulak. We thought it would be nice to have a pair.  Very timely, you were conceived, Alhamdulillah.

My morning sickness was almost unbearable that I thought, how easy would it be for me if the ‘insan’ who I carried in my stomach then, would be a boy-lah …

Oh yes, Allah is the greatest indeed. He answered my prayers, alhamdulillah. So, at exactly 5.40 pm on 11.11.1997  a healthy 3.4 kg baby boy came along and complete our family and our feelings was beyond any words can say at that time!!! We felt so deeply blessed with your arrival my son. 

So my darling son turns 12, today…..  I said to him last night as the clock striked midnight, “already aaa???) hehe.  Time greatly flies ay.  Me and his dad brought him along with us to watch the Premier show of much awaited – the 2012 malam tadi and we all enjoyed the movie to the max. It was one of the best movies I have ever seen. Highly recommended (selingan)… 😀

Timeless and non-boundaries is our love for you… Ibu and Ayah always pray that you will have a happy, good and successful life. Sky is the limit for you to pursue whatever and whoever that you want to become.

Since you almost hate to be photographed, so Ibu susah sungguh nak carik latest photo of you.. But anyways, Happy Birthday! We all love you sayang! Have a fabulous time today k.

Another graduation, Another newborn

Weekend last was historic!!….

Mana tidaknyer, 🙂 as we we joyfully and proudly celebrating our Syaza Irdina’s graduation from her kindy – Little Caliphs on Saturday, 6 November 2009, on the ‘other’ side of the world – a newborn is being born into our extended family !!

To Syaza Irdina – as you graduates from your kindy, Ibu has these to say – Ibu and Ayah loves you very much. You have done us proud darling, as always. Membesar lah menjadi anak kebanggaan keluarga kay, May Allah SWT guides you and showers you His blessings along your journey. Amin.

It was our tremendous joy as parents to see you growing up being all healthy and happy…

Here are some photos of the year-end concert and graduation..

Cert syaza_1



Nevertheless, less then 24 hours before Syaza’s  ‘big’ day, my lil sis, Awa, with our Praise to Allah SWT, telah selamatkan melahirkan another 4.2 kg boy contender (thats how his dad puts it.. hehe).

The one precious photo below is taken just hours after his arrival by his daddy.  Here he is.. all tembam and tiut..


He is born Friday, 6 November 2009 (kenapa tak tunggu esok nyer dik oi macam Pak Yang ckp – 7 Eleven??) Ish.

He is yet unnamed.

But Ibu doakan hanya yang indah dan terbaik buat ‘orang baru’. Allah SWT in all His Greatness and Wisdom plans your life already, I am sure. May you membesar bagi johan kay :)…

Hmm… like I said earlier, as Kak Syaza was graduating grom her Kindy, here you are being born to start a fresh life altogether !!

Allah has His plans ay…