Sarah wrote a poem..

I remembered that day was humid and it was a Sunday…

Sarah and myself were in her bedroom, talking.  We were watching ‘Wolverine’ on our DVD and at the same time, I was scribbling some notes and some wordings.. well, cant help it… I am indeed a writer at heart ay?? 😀

Sarah asked me what was I doing. I said.. nothing, just some words that came accross my mind ….

Then she said, she also actually loves writing..  Wow.. indeed true-lah nih – ke  mana la tumpahnyer kuah if tidak ke nasi kan??

So here it is.. in her own words.. and quite personally, I think hmm… not bad.. not bad at all… for a 8 year old??


** As it reads….

Pada suatu hari, ku merenung matahari
Pernahkah kau menerung matahari
Kalau pernah ku merenungmu
Kalau tak pernah tak apa
Ku merenung bulan kau pun sama
Di pantai kku gembira kalau tak
Ikut ku sedih

Pada suatu hari, ke merenung bintang
Malam pada masa itu ku merenung mu..

(Ish boleh tahan jiwang anak aku nih hahh….)

Take care people!!

6 Replies to “Sarah wrote a poem..”

  1. so sweet…tak sangka di sebalik jiwa dangdutnye itew..huhu.agak2 eusoff kalu pandai baca sure perasan kak aghah dia jiwang2 kat dia..kui kui kui.


  2. pergh.. i m so impressed…sarah, sarah.. berbakat sungguh..seriously babe.. i like what she wrote.. btw girl.. i m going to c u soon rite..


  3. 🙂 I thought so too sis. She is a very deep person with emotions. Can see that from small.. I thanked Allah SWT everyday for her 🙂
    and oh yes, I WILL see you soon…
    Cant wait…


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