Things on my mind…

This month was particularly hay wire and hectic..

Macam-macam hal, macam-macam citer.

One of many is that my Pacific cooker hob rosak. Sudah beberapa minggu actually… I seriously do not know how my bibik at home memasak with that ‘almost’ faulty dapur coz I seriously do not have her courage and bravery. Yesterday as she was away on her monthly break, I tried to memasak and was like, h*** takut!! … Api gas dia ala ala tersumbat nak keluar.  On top of it,  Im particularly has always been hindered with anything that got to do with fire, gas or any sort…

So, I bugged my better half :D.. hehe

We straight away went and get a new Phileo hob.  Finally!!

One of most important thing in my life that to share also.. is that my first kakak (Kak Long) telah selamat berangkat ke Tanah Suci Mekah over the last weekend. May Allah SWT bless her journey back and forth…

Another quick story is that beloved Ajin Paji. Gosh how time greatly flies and he is all big and smart boy today..

Last night before bedtime, I asked him, “Sayang.. sleep Ibu jom??”

Guess what his spontaneous answer was..

“Tak Leh Bu.. Ibu sleep ayah kay. Kiss kiss ayah jer…”.. OMG!!!!

Until later folks. Take care 🙂

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