No entry – Hani buuuuussssssssssyyyyyyyyy!



Tapi itu lah hakikatnya. At this point of time in my life – I am just simply so so busy…

On the most top of the ‘busy-ness’ and zillion things-to-do list is that I am now entering a new path in my working career 🙂

Alhamdulillah, I am no longer doing or working as what I studied in college. I opened a new chapter in my working life this month with mixed emotions and new responsibilities of course….

Can I do it??  Would I manage… I then quickly recalled a wise friend once said to me, “Hani, our mind is like a parachute, it works best once opened”… I am sure everything in life happens for ‘A’ reason that only Him knows best. This must be ‘the best’ thing that could happen in my working life now and if I take it with an open mind – I might as well end up being ‘The Best’ at it !!

I then, raised my humble hands to Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Passionate for the rez’q that He spares me. With my sincere hope and spirit to be the best at what I am doing right now. I open my heart and my mind – hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih…InsyaAllah, with the guidance and support that I am getting from my immediate subordinates and most importantly the love that my family render – aspires me that impossible is almost nothing…

Next to the new career path, I am also busy being mom and wifey at home. Hari raya this year is really taxing me. Weekends especially. Almost every weekend, we would have either Singaporeans or Kelantannese over at our teratak. My house would usually will be packed with at least ten sedara mara at one particular weekend !  gosh dear me.  Well, I enjoyed having them no doubt, however only making me busier and busier – lah.

I was away in JB yesterday on a field trip and by the time I was back home, my beloved betterhalf pulak nak pergi outstation. sigh…

Then come this weekend, long weekend holidays la pulak as we celebrates Deepavali. Juniors are all back at home including Miza and this weekend will be another tiring and busy weekend for me.  With kenduri Haji, raya open house, reunion and bla bla.. (pikir pun dah penat…)

Well, no one ever says life is easy anyway ay.  So, have a good resting weekend people. Till we meet again…

🙂 muahs..

6 Replies to “No entry – Hani buuuuussssssssssyyyyyyyyy!”

  1. hye dear.. baca ur entri pun i dah rasa penat..hihihi.. niway.. all the best to you eh.. for the new career path, and congrats too..


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