Kakak ‘Becar’ PMR..

Starting from today, 7th of October till the 13th of October, my dearest firstborn is sitting for her PMR.

She is far from home, but dear with us in our thoughts and prayers.  Our neverending and constant du’a and  love from home for her to do well and her best in the exam. Mudah-mudahan semuanya dipermudahkan oleh Allah SWT.

Along & k chik-1

InsyaAllah, God Willing – Ibu am sure Allah SWT has planned something great and big for you. Amin.

Like what Ayah always said to you darling – just be  yourself and do your best and leave the rest to The One Above..

Love you and see you soon, right after  your PMR kay.

To all dearest families and friends – we thank you for all the well-wishers, warm thoughts and du’a. We love you all and May Allah SWT grants us all good life with loads of joy and happiness. Amin.

4 Replies to “Kakak ‘Becar’ PMR..”

  1. miza – auntie faiz know that u can pass with flying colours..and ehemmm..ibu sila la jgn panik eh…budak tue relaxxxxxx je….hehehe…


  2. lama nyer x komen kat blog akk ni…iza doakan miza pass exam with flying colours too eh…cepat masa berlalu the last time i met her was when uem had a fmly day way back at sunway lagoon…dah bsr dah miza..un fotunately i jek yg remain kecik (heheh)


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