Sarah wrote a poem..

I remembered that day was humid and it was a Sunday…

Sarah and myself were in her bedroom, talking.Ā  We were watching ‘Wolverine’ on our DVD and at the same time, I was scribbling some notes and some wordings.. well, cant help it… I am indeed a writer at heart ay?? šŸ˜€

Sarah asked me what was I doing. I said.. nothing, just some words that came accross my mind ….

Then she said, she also actually loves writing..Ā  Wow.. indeed true-lah nih – keĀ  mana la tumpahnyer kuah if tidak ke nasi kan??

So here it is.. in her own words.. and quite personally, I think hmm… not bad.. not bad at all… for a 8 year old??


** As it reads….

Pada suatu hari, ku merenung matahari
Pernahkah kau menerung matahari
Kalau pernah ku merenungmu
Kalau tak pernah tak apa
Ku merenung bulan kau pun sama
Di pantai kku gembira kalau tak
Ikut ku sedih

Pada suatu hari, ke merenung bintang
Malam pada masa itu ku merenung mu..

(Ish boleh tahan jiwang anak aku nih hahh….)

Take care people!!

Things on my mind…

This month was particularly hay wire and hectic..

Macam-macam hal, macam-macam citer.

One of many is that my Pacific cooker hob rosak. Sudah beberapa minggu actually… I seriously do not know how my bibik at home memasak with that ‘almost’ faulty dapur coz I seriously do not have her courage and bravery. Yesterday as she was away on her monthly break, I tried to memasak and was like, h*** takut!! … ApiĀ gas dia ala ala tersumbat nak keluar.Ā Ā On top of it,Ā  Im particularly has always been hindered with anything that got to do with fire, gas or any sort…

So, I bugged my better half :D.. hehe

We straight away went and get a new Phileo hob.Ā  Finally!!

One of most important thing in my life that to share also.. is that my first kakak (Kak Long) telah selamat berangkat ke Tanah Suci Mekah over the last weekend. May Allah SWT bless her journey back and forth…

Another quick story is thatĀ beloved Ajin Paji. Gosh how time greatly flies and he is all big and smart boy today..

Last night before bedtime, I asked him, “Sayang.. sleep Ibu jom??”

Guess what his spontaneous answer was..

“Tak Leh Bu.. Ibu sleep ayah kay. Kiss kiss ayah jer…”.. OMG!!!!

Until later folks. Take care šŸ™‚

No entry – Hani buuuuussssssssssyyyyyyyyy!



Tapi itu lah hakikatnya. At this point of time in my life – I am just simply so so busy…

On the most top of the ‘busy-ness’ and zillion things-to-do list is that I am now entering a new path in my working career šŸ™‚

Alhamdulillah, I am no longer doing or working as what I studied in college. I opened a new chapter in my workingĀ life this month with mixed emotions and new responsibilities of course….

Can I do it??Ā  Would I manage… I then quickly recalledĀ a wise friend once said to me, “Hani, our mind is like a parachute, it works best once opened”… I am sure everything in life happens for ‘A’ reason that only Him knows best. This must be ‘the best’ thing that could happen in my working life now and if I take it with an open mind – I might as well end up being ‘The Best’ at it !!

I then, raised my humble hands to Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Passionate for the rez’q that He spares me. With my sincere hope andĀ spirit to be the best at what I am doing right now. I open my heart and my mind – hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih…InsyaAllah, with the guidance and support that I am getting from my immediate subordinates and most importantly the love that my family render – aspires me that impossible is almost nothing…

Next to the new career path, I am also busy being mom and wifey at home.Ā Hari raya this year is really taxing me. Weekends especially. Almost every weekend, we would have either Singaporeans or Kelantannese over at our teratak. My house would usually will be packed with at least ten sedara mara at one particular weekend !Ā  gosh dear me.Ā  Well, I enjoyed having them no doubt, however only making me busier and busier – lah.

I was away in JB yesterday on a field trip and by the time I was back home, my beloved betterhalf pulak nak pergi outstation. sigh…

Then come this weekend, long weekend holidays la pulak as we celebrates Deepavali. Juniors are all back at home including Miza and this weekend will be another tiring and busy weekend for me.Ā  With kenduri Haji, raya open house, reunion and bla bla.. (pikir pun dah penat…)

Well, no one ever says life is easy anyway ay.Ā  So, have a good resting weekend people. Till we meet again…

šŸ™‚ muahs..

Kakak ‘Becar’ PMR..

Starting from today, 7th of October till the 13th of October, my dearestĀ firstborn is sitting for her PMR.

She is far from home, but dear with us in our thoughts and prayers.Ā  OurĀ neverending and constant du’a and Ā love from home for her to do well and her best in the exam. Mudah-mudahan semuanya dipermudahkan oleh Allah SWT.

Along & k chik-1

InsyaAllah, God Willing – Ibu am sure Allah SWT has planned something great and big for you. Amin.

Like what Ayah always said to you darling –Ā just beĀ  yourself and do your best and leave the rest to The One Above..

Love you and see you soon, right afterĀ  your PMR kay.

To all dearest families and friends – we thank you for all the well-wishers, warm thoughts and du’a. We love you all and May Allah SWT grants us all good life with loads of joy and happiness. Amin.