..Ramadhan and my juniors…

Salam to all.

Ramadhan has bring us all to its 20th day and marks its last 10 days…. Time greatly flies!! 

God Almighty, in all His wisdom, InsyaAllah akan menemukan Hani and family and all of us dengan Malam Lailalatul Qadar… Amin!

As for news – today is the last day of UPSR 2009, which means in less then few hours from now , anakanda saya Abang Ngah akan menjadi orang yang betul-betul ‘merdeka’ !.   My du’a is for him to achieve the best from Allah SWT. Whatever it is thad dued as his rez’q… 🙂

As for si tinot saya yang lagi sorang, Syaza Irdina who is braving her first Ramadhan this year – remains ‘cool’  and sungguh rajin dia bangun sahur dan berpuasa. Tidak dapat Hani menggambarkan betapa bangganya hati seorang Ibu melihat seorang anak yang begitu kecikkkkk dan tinot dan tiny (hehe) tapi sungguh rajin berpuasa dan sembahyang. Alhamdulillah !!

20 days today it is InsyaAllah darling and God Willing, you will go through this Ramadhan with flying colours!! (ehem mak su jangan lupa… RM 30 hengget ya..? ).. 😛


Not forgetting my other princess, Sarah Kay of course. This is her third Ramadhan year and as a big sista to Syaza – dia maintain ‘dangdut’ lah of course!

And Along Miza yang  jauh … but always dear in our heart and thought. Du’a Ibu, that you are enjoying your Ramadhan with your dearest friends and of course also dengan nasi dan lauk-lauk kawah itu… hehe. Oh yes, and she had just finished her French paper yesterday. Hope she did well in that also, InsyaAllah!

With this little Ramadhan updates, sampai jumpa lagi !!

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