UPSR is tomorrow!

Salam on the 17th day of Ramadhan 2009…

UPSR will start tomorrow, 8 September 2009 till Thursday, 10th September 2009.

My first son, Mustafa Hazim is also sitting for it. So…

Ibu said ….

Jangan lupa solat lima waktu
Jangan lupa solat Dhuha
Belajar still..
Do the exercise lightly but surely
Read the short notes and formulas
Ask questions if you dont know
Forget TV
Forget Astro
Forget PSP
Forget X Box
No dining out
Get enough rest
Dont eat spicy food
Drink a lot of water
Jangan lupa baca doa penerang hati
Mula menjawab soalan dengan Bismillah..
Baca dan faham the questions first
Jangan gopoh
Skip the hard questions, mark with a circle
Jangan lupa semak semua soalan if time permits
Avoid careless mistakes – menyesal tak sudah nanti
Be alert on time – when the papers end
Jangan semak soalan dulu right after exam with ur friends
Be positive for the next papers
Bertawakal at all time

Ayah said…

Dah belajar, tawakal and good luck-lah

erksss…??? thats it? ish… men thingy huh 😛

Well, I know you have been studying, let do this eh??? All the best darling !!! 🙂

6 Replies to “UPSR is tomorrow!”

  1. semoga rahmat dan barakah Allah sentiasa bersama abgngah…..cukup dah tu pesanan dr ibu dan errkk..ayah (hehe..),maksu n the geng iringi USAHA abgngah dgn doa dan petunjuk dr-Nya….moga target tercapai.GO GO abgngah GO!!


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