Aja and Ajin beraya dgn Chicken Pox !

Salam Syawal to all.

In the spirit of Hari Raya, truth is –  me and beloved family kena kuarantin from day one hari raya… so, kita belum la lagi keluar menziarah berhari raya pun.. 🙂

Why aaaa??

My 6 year old girl yang berpuasa penuh and first time menyelesaikan Ramadhan with flying colours, Syaza Irdina on the eve of hari raya pertama telah dijangkiti chicken pox!! Kesian sangat tengok anak Hani yang ini tau. Since she finished her Ramadhan full, dia lah yang kononnya palinggggggg excited giler menunggu Syawal… pas tuh kena lah pulak chicken pox – so kuarantin la dia.. sampai ke hari ini, from berjalan jalan beraya and her tadika of course… 🙂

She is now still resting at home but have fully recovered, Alhamdulillah. Cumanyer, risau if berjangkit kat orang lain kat tadika.., so kuarantin lah lagi..

And memang betul berjangkit pun bendalah nih – to no other but her younger bro – Ajin Piji ku.. 😀

I snapped some gambar as a proof that they had chicken pox already. Orang kata, chicken pox nih kena sekali jer seumur hidup kan??



So to-date, hari raya is yet-not hari raya la pun for us all.. Hehe.. InsyaAllah this weekend, beraya pulun habis wa cakap lu !! 😉

Eidul Fitri 2009

Green has never been my colour !! I never like green, yet this year, baju raya we all warna hijau !! (padan muka I).

I am back in the office after a week of raya break. Raya has been wonderful, hectic and chicken pox everywhere !! hehehe.  As for now, I have ‘sejuta’ pending works 😛  on my desk, so let me just upload these few family photos of ours for Eid 2009 first. (for our Singaporean relatives mainly eh).

Loads of hari raya story to tell and share and many many more photos will come… 😉




This hari raya has been very very eventful. Alhamdulillah… 🙂

Salam Eid Mubarak !

Quite honestly,  it took quite a while for me to finish this raya posting.

Half of me is all happy and Syukur that me and family telah hampir selesai mengerjakan Ibadah Puasa pada tahun ini. Hani panjatkan syukur dengan semua rez’q, rahmat dan kesihatan yang Allah SWT telah kurniakan kepada kami sekeluarga sepanjang Ramadhan kali ini.

But most of me, is counting days of sadness as Ramadhan 2009 is leaving me and us again.. 😦 Rasa begitu jauh untuk bertemu lagi dengan Ramadhan yang akan datang… sigh.

Hence, ‘kemenangan’ berpuasa perlu diraikan… what more my angel, Syaza Irdina , 6 years finishes her puasa with flying colurs!! (This is her first Ramadhan..)..


Hani and family, dengan ini menyusun jari yang sepuluh, memohon maaf penuh tulus, zahir dan batin. Halal kan apa yang termakan dan terminum. Mudahan Raya 2009 akan menjadi yang paling indah buat kita semua ! Amin!

Have a fabulous time this raya with your family and friends and stay healthy okay 🙂

Selamat Menyambut Eid Mubarak !!

(I hope to be able to hold back my tears on the eve of Syawal when the Takbir begins to resonate…)

Happy Birthday lil Sis !

To dear lil sista of mine, Awa who joyfully celebrates her XXOO 😀 birthday today,

I wish her happiness.

I wish her love.

I wish her health.

Not forgetting wealth.

May Allah SWT blesses you

and answers all your prayers

what more mine..

Lets look forward

For many many more happy  years to come

For you and your beloved family !!

Lots of love always,

Kak Lang & Batalion at 2/23

..Ramadhan and my juniors…

Salam to all.

Ramadhan has bring us all to its 20th day and marks its last 10 days…. Time greatly flies!! 

God Almighty, in all His wisdom, InsyaAllah akan menemukan Hani and family and all of us dengan Malam Lailalatul Qadar… Amin!

As for news – today is the last day of UPSR 2009, which means in less then few hours from now , anakanda saya Abang Ngah akan menjadi orang yang betul-betul ‘merdeka’ !.   My du’a is for him to achieve the best from Allah SWT. Whatever it is thad dued as his rez’q… 🙂

As for si tinot saya yang lagi sorang, Syaza Irdina who is braving her first Ramadhan this year – remains ‘cool’  and sungguh rajin dia bangun sahur dan berpuasa. Tidak dapat Hani menggambarkan betapa bangganya hati seorang Ibu melihat seorang anak yang begitu kecikkkkk dan tinot dan tiny (hehe) tapi sungguh rajin berpuasa dan sembahyang. Alhamdulillah !!

20 days today it is InsyaAllah darling and God Willing, you will go through this Ramadhan with flying colours!! (ehem mak su jangan lupa… RM 30 hengget ya..? ).. 😛


Not forgetting my other princess, Sarah Kay of course. This is her third Ramadhan year and as a big sista to Syaza – dia maintain ‘dangdut’ lah of course!

And Along Miza yang  jauh … but always dear in our heart and thought. Du’a Ibu, that you are enjoying your Ramadhan with your dearest friends and of course also dengan nasi dan lauk-lauk kawah itu… hehe. Oh yes, and she had just finished her French paper yesterday. Hope she did well in that also, InsyaAllah!

With this little Ramadhan updates, sampai jumpa lagi !!

UPSR is tomorrow!

Salam on the 17th day of Ramadhan 2009…

UPSR will start tomorrow, 8 September 2009 till Thursday, 10th September 2009.

My first son, Mustafa Hazim is also sitting for it. So…

Ibu said ….

Jangan lupa solat lima waktu
Jangan lupa solat Dhuha
Belajar still..
Do the exercise lightly but surely
Read the short notes and formulas
Ask questions if you dont know
Forget TV
Forget Astro
Forget PSP
Forget X Box
No dining out
Get enough rest
Dont eat spicy food
Drink a lot of water
Jangan lupa baca doa penerang hati
Mula menjawab soalan dengan Bismillah..
Baca dan faham the questions first
Jangan gopoh
Skip the hard questions, mark with a circle
Jangan lupa semak semua soalan if time permits
Avoid careless mistakes – menyesal tak sudah nanti
Be alert on time – when the papers end
Jangan semak soalan dulu right after exam with ur friends
Be positive for the next papers
Bertawakal at all time

Ayah said…

Dah belajar, tawakal and good luck-lah

erksss…??? thats it? ish… men thingy huh 😛

Well, I know you have been studying, let do this eh??? All the best darling !!! 🙂

Counsin-ly – Ucop and Ariba Ariba turn two !!


On the 6th & 7th of cool September last year

You both came into our lives

A day apart from each and shines the same joy

It was both of you

Who bring all of us back together again

Into our one big happy family


on the 6th of September

Ariba-Ariba yang keluar dahulu

Menjadi bucuk macem Ibu

Definitely my manja Ibu

Merangkul semua bahagia dan menyatu ….


Esoknya, on the 7th September only the same year

Hardly 24 hours later

Eusoff Ammar pula datang menyapa

Belum hilangpun kesakitan Umi Alia

Membawa bahagia yang berlipat ganda

Dengan bermacam-macam nama sekarang Eusoff ada

Ucop la

Pak Tok la

Mak Top la

Namun kamulah nan satu

menjadi cinta Ibu dan keluarga !


To both my anak-anak sedara

Arifah bt Abu Suffian


Eusoff Ammar bin Nasrul Rizal

From my two lovely sister-in-laws

That makes them cousin-ly

Happy Birthday my darlings!!

May Allah SWT watches over both of you

And grants you both 

With abundace of love, joy and happiness!!

🙂 Love, hug and kisses from, 

Ibu, Pak Yang, Kak Long, A Ngah, Kak Arah, Kak Ja & Abang Ajin