Updates from home

Salam to all.

Finally sekolah Hazim and Sarah also closed commencing today due to two confirmed H1N1 cases in their school. Ish scarry betul.  I am praying hard that Allah SWT would spare us His Mercy and cepat-cepatlah musibah ini berlalu.

Best part is that, one confirmed case is Sarah’s classmate. Uish Nauzubillah.  No doubt Sarah has been demam from Friday but eventually she is on her road to recovery already. Alhamdulillah.

With Sarah is easy, if you see her dancing and singing again – hah sihat la tuh 😉  Dah kata Sarah Dangdut kan..

Speaking of which, check out Sarah’s blog at sarahmilia.wordpress.com  a.k.a A Princess Diary.  She actually ‘pesan’  me not to mention it here in my blog, but what the heck,  you are my daughter maaa… hehehe

Another pressing thing is my colleague. Dia punya housemate dah confirmed with H1N1 also. Yesterday when my colleague came in to work, we chatted for quite awhile – lah! and now I am like risau-risau also…

Hmmm now I am worrying too much or what?… Do I quarantine myself also?  Aiyo… manyak susah hati wooo..

Just now, ish kiddos just rang me and ask for Pizza with a msg – dont order for delivery, eat there please Ibu…!!! Ish budak-budak nih…. lain ke rasanya pizza tuh bila di ‘delivery’ and dine in di sana???

Life can afterall be stressful at times ay… 😀

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