H1N1 alert

Salam to all.

Selalunyer bila some epedemic bursts, I took it very lightly. Macam dulu ada SARS, JE, Coxsackie and all. I prayed for safety of all but never actually disturbed by them.

H1N1 pandemic however sets the ball rolling for me. I am worrying and concern. For my juniors and family utmostly and all of us generally.

My best friend’s son, Arief was eventually confirmed with Influenza A last week and I was worried sick for both him and his mom – a friend that turns family, Sherry. Alhamdulillah however, with the never ending du’a and love from his mom and dad utmostly, and all of us as well,  he recovers fully and back at home today. Syukur..

Then, the whole of last week, my eldest came back from school as her school closed for a week due to the same pandemic. Then today pulak, Syaza’s. Hmmm.

I am tellling myself  and children – thats it! Stay indoor everybody.  For the past few weekends, almost every weekend kita lepak kat pool. Dah jadi weekly activities lak, but no more starting from now!

I told my maid this morning, expect to cook each day till further notice. No more eating out or stuff. If teringin makan pizza ke apa ke, make them deliver !!

Hence, as I am posting this today –   as a mother, a sister, a friend and a human being – May Allah SWT, yang Maha Berkuasa dengan segenap di bumi dan di langit, meringankan segala dugaan dan musibah yang datang kepada kami hari ini. Sesungguhnya segala rahsia di muka bumi ini hanya Dia yang Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Mengampuni….

Sesungguhnya segala yang buruk adalah kelemahan kami dan semua yang baik dan elok hanya dariMu, Ya Allah, ya rabbal Al amin….

I humbly 😦 surrender myself to my Creator today – pasrah dan bertawakal for the best for all of  us, InsyaAllah..

4 Replies to “H1N1 alert”

  1. This may be His petunjuk that the world is coming to the Ending.. Dia mungkin murka akan kelalaian manusia. Sama2 kita berdoa agar kita di tempatkan dia bawah naungan hidayahNya untuk teruskan hidup kita sehingga yang di kehendakiNya.. wallahuallam.


  2. beb, pagi2 td dua komen i post awat x kuar arr..??? anyway, yup try our level best to avoid public places and syukur alhamdullilah Arief dah fully recovered…syian sherry kan..kan..dugaanNya…


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