I feel so much loved…

Salam Hari Isnin.

To all my dearest juniors, buddies, friends, families, anak -anak sedara, officemates and list continues (as ada some numbers Hani tak kenal.. 😀 sorry..)

I feel so much loved by you 🙂 and Birthdays would some how sends you ‘that’  scent of love ay.

Even I must apologise here as loads of sms went un-replied, calls were not being picked up, messages in facebook and my baby Somethin Light here were being laid unattended and unreplied. Reason being  – as me and my betterhalf were actually away in Singapore from 6th August throughout my birthday as my Mak Long passed away in Singapore due to asthma attack on the evening of 5th August. Al Fatihah…

Hence, thank  you again from the most bottom of my heart for all the doa, well wishes and warm thoughts wishing me all the happiness and wellness on my birthday.

I had a very ‘meaningful’ birthday makan-makan right after tahlil on the 6th August at Bedok Corner, 😉 sponsored by my cuzonz in Singapore.  Love and laughs was on the air!!

Meh share some photos that I ‘kidnap’ dari facebook my cuzon, Chomel.

hani_bdayspore1 bday2

bday3 This is tuan punya facebook tuh, Chomel..

so guys.. thank you keladi leaf!! muahs muahs love you and missing u guys already. sob..sob..

Then later at home, betterhalf and our juniors that completes life …



We had our birthday dinner.

We had our doa and prayers.

May Allah SWT sees us through this life with love that never ends.. Amin… 🙂

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