..psstt… nak citer satu rahsia nih…

Some time back I wrote about my gurls, Sarah and Syaza went for a shooting for a product and promised to lay all the details once the product is officially launched. Hope you guys are with me here and remembering it.  Both of them are now a proud duta for a health product. Tak ingat ek??  Tak pe tak pe , no worries – To refresh, read HERE .

And on this wonderful and eventful day today, the secret is finally revealed by me since the product has been officially launched last month by its proud owners 🙂

This is the product – RAUDHAH HERBS … and what is that exactly?? Please read below :

RAUDHAH HERBS SDN BHD – PENERAJU terbaru dalam penghasilan makanan tambahan untuk keperluan kesihatan setiap isi rumah di Malaysia. Gabungan pengetahuan dan perubatan cara Islam diaplikasikan dalam bentuk paling moden, ringkas dan murah dan mudah dibawa ke mana sahaja. Bermula dengan dua produk awalnya yang paling mendapat sambutan dan dilabel sebagai best seller product, Pati Pracampuran Kurma, Kismis & Habbatus Sauda’ kombinasi buah kurma dan kismis yang terbukti di dalam sejarah perubatan Islam dan Pati Pracampuran Madu Asli & Habbatus Sauda’, formula campuran khasiat madu dan Habbatus Sauda (Jintan Hitam).

For further info and knowledge on the products, you may log in to their websites –  http://www.raudhaherbs.com/ .

My gurls are there too 🙂 maklum.. ehem ehem duta product la katakan. Hani tumpang glamer jer..

But just for sharing purposes, my eldest girl Miza who is studying in SEPINTAR (Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Rawang) loving it very much. So does her friends.  She said, after consumes the first few packets of  Pati Pracampuran Kurma, Kismis & Habbatus Sauda’ , she feels more energetic and less tired in class. Now she is taking it on daily basis.  And as a result she says, she concentrates better in her studies. And alhamdulillah for her mid term exam hari tuh, she got 6A and 3 B. Alhamdulillah..

The way I personally look at it, who else is best to talk about the product then Miza since she is indeed taking a sachet a day – on a daily basis right?

Pesanan penaja 😀 – ini bukan kempen, but Miza is my first born. I have mountain of hopes for her successful and happy future. So, if this product can be of an additional help to achieve her dreams and goals in life, why not right??

So my beloved readers – go ahead, get your first box and try it for yourself.  If you wish, you may also get it from me.  Urusan seterusnya bisak di atur kay…

With this note – stay healthy people !!

2 Replies to “..psstt… nak citer satu rahsia nih…”

  1. Sound interesting..& thanks for sharing. What a coincidence, the agent in Penang is our family long good frenz.. must to grab the jus pati kismis & kurma tuh..


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