Prayer for mom…

Dear families and friends,

These past few days has been hectic, crucial and devastating for us in the family.  Thank you for all the doa, well wishers and prayers.  InsyaAllah, God Willing in his Wisdom and Kindness, my mother-in-law will pull through. My mom will undergo the Engiogram tomorrow at 8 am and praying for miracle.

My lil sista, AWA shares our family trial moments in her blog. Read HERE…

I am just personally feel so sad for her cucu-cucu that has not been able to visit their sick nenek due to H1N1 strict ristrictions in most hospitals nowadays. Sigh…

Awa snapped some photos to show the cucu-cucu at home as she shares the same in her blog..

May Allah SWT spare us His Mercy and Kindness again during this gloomy period.. Amin.

2 Replies to “Prayer for mom…”

  1. Sama2 la kita mendoakan agar Engiogram esok akan berjalan lancar dan dipermudahkanNya! Insya’Allah!

    ‘may ur MIL have a speedy recovery’


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