As Razin Turned 4 !!



Exactly four years ago

The very day that Allah SWT gave me you

I got a wonderful gift indeed

Blessed me many years through

Today you may be four years old

But in my heart, you are forever my little baby

As we celebrated your birthday

I wished all the very best to you

Your life be filled with peace and rezq

And countless dreams come true !!


(We celebrated his birthday on Sunday, 12th July 09 last)

6 Replies to “As Razin Turned 4 !!”

  1. ajin piji busyuk…u will foreva be maksu nye ajin piji busyuk…hahaha(nnt taknak cakap ngan maksu ler tu..:P),love u budak manja..hehe.


  2. Happy Birthday sweetttt hansome boy.. semuga Ajin terus di limpahkan rahmat rezeki, kesihatan, kecerdikan & keimanan oleh Allah SWT.


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