Heaven Heavenly Bandung !!

… They say, “Jauh perjalanan, Luas pandangan..”… and how very true it is.  A grand experience al-together!!

I have always love ‘the idea’ of travelling. But to ‘actually’ pack my stuff and travel?? Hmmm…many things would have stopped me eventually.

Hence, after much pre-planning and pre-expressing my wanting and desire to venture ‘the world’ out there, eventually came into reality last 8 July 2009 as me and few of my great-est buddies a.ka. Sherry and Ad**** flew to Bandung and safely returned to LCCT Sepang on 11 July last.

I was overwhelmed with tremendous joy as I landed at the Bandara Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung.

Thing is, ini lah pulak jadinyer when kita travel time-time epidemik H1N1 sedang menular …. hahahaha. Macam lanun la pulak gue…


To begin with, as we all are being told and heard – *Bandung* is a place on earth that God creates especially for the female species 😉 and genuinely known as ‘heaven’ for their factory outlets. You just name it, almost all the branded stuff are there.

To tell you guys quite frankly, I don’t know where to start to write this Bandung entry. This time round, therefore, I will allow the pictures to do its charm and speak that thousand words…

Nonetheless, bear with me please as I will be definitely posting loads more of my personal pics and stories on Bandung – their legacies on food, their people, their dialect and bahasa and others…

*Day One – Eve of Wednesday, 8th July 2009*

My shopping endeavour kicked off as we were done checking-in at our hotel.

Our first destination – the ever famous ‘Rumah Mode’.. and of course followed by Mode Plus, Neutral, Donatello.. and few others? 😀


*Second day @ Thursday, 9 July 2009*

The second day, was another shopping-spree day.  Our first destination that morning was the one and only – the famous Pasar Baru. This is the ‘g spot’ for tons of lovely and colourful embroidded telekung and jubah. Not to mention of course, pelbagai barang- barang lain like the sarong, batik, children clothings, bags and etc.. Arghhh… Nikmat sungguh ber-shopping nih.


Bandung59 Bandung58 Bandung57 Bandung55

We took our break for lunch and enjoyed the sumptous lauk-pauk at  Rumah Makan Sari Sunda. They served Sundanese food. God I enjoyed the tempe and tauhu to max.


My dear readers, have a close look at the delightful deco and unique-ness of the setting for this Rumah Makan Sari Sunda.

As as our shopping adventure continues – We marched on to the Houses of  Heritage, Summit and Secret – giler !! dan have a peek at hasil borongan kami for the second day… even pak chik tolong angkat barang kat hotel pun melebar senyum melihat our bags and bags and bags  … kihkih…


*Third day @ Friday, 10 July 2009*

Our very third day began with a slightly lengthy journey to this  majestic place – The Tangkuban Perahu. Have a look, then you would agree with me why do I say, MAJESTIC ! Subhanallah..

One of the greatest view my eyes ever set in… If you guys rajin, browse the net and click on history of Tangkuban Perahu. Very amusing, I promise.


Bandung 111Bandung 114Bandung & Birthday 133Bandung_tangkuban

As we came down from Tangkuban Perahu, Sherry and Ad**** strongly said this – “..the best to eat  jagung bakar in Bandung is from their famous bangsal”, up there overlooking the breezy and cooling view. The atmosphere was so lovely that made the jagung-jagung even tastier.

bandungg9 bandungg11 Bandung_jagung Bandung & Birthday 138 😀

Licin jagung-jagung tuh sumer..

We have decided earlier to have our lunch at this place called, Kampung Daun.

As that place has been beautifully bragged by my dearest Sherry and Adi***, my heart did have some wonders.

Kampung Daun is totally a new whole experience for me.  They built bangsal-bangsal buluh yang dihias begitu indah, heavy with local culture I am sure.  The most amazing part is that,  mind you that the sungai and air terjun kelihatan di dalam gambar adalah yang asli dan azali..

The bangsal has generously also provides you the ‘bantal-bantal’ sekali. So, the ambience for lunch that day came with a package – tido sekali !! 😉 (maklum dah penat berjalan…).

Lunch that day sungguh indah dan nyaman gituk. I felt like I was having some picnic at some sungai??


Bandung_kgdaun Bandung_kgdaun2 Bandung & Birthday 154 Bandung_kgdaun3

… oh and of course, if you are here in Kampung Daun, its a *MUST* to eat their strawberries, rasberries and blueberries. Super manis..

On the second part of our third day @ Friday, 10th July was filled with another ’round-of-trip- to the places that we have been earlier in the previous days. Just in case, we need to grab other things that ‘kununnyer tertinggal…”  (alasan!!! alasan!!!) hahahaha.

… but then again, erkkks…. ada sajerrr yang we all ‘ter’beli sebab kununnyer ‘ter’tinggal??? 😀

We wrapped up that third day with body massaging. Urut tradisional lagi you. If you asked me however, I think I would rather go to the spa, anytime!!! Sakit nak mampos babes  makcik-makcik tuh sumer mengurut!! tangan depa macam tangan jantan!! hehe. Gambar?? sorry guys… *tut*  kena sensored… 😉

*Final day @ Saturday, 11 July 2009*

My ‘Bandung fairytale’ came to its end on the very next day, Saturday 11 July 2009, as we took that plane and bid our farewell to the heaven, heavenly Bandung.

And as my first entry on Bandung coming to its end, Hani humbly wishes to express my deepest *thank you keladi leaf* to my buddies, Sherry and Ad**** who has spared me their time melayan peel dan karenah gue 😀 and looking after me throughout that four days we were there. Indeed true again what they say – you guys are my friends that has turned into family!! – trimas guys!!

God willing, I will come again…InsyaAllah.. 😉

As we leaves..

bandungg14 bandung15

Nota kaki..

Bahagian ke 2, 3 dan mungkinkah ke-4 dan 5???? 😀 akan menyusull… tungguuuu…

13 Replies to “Heaven Heavenly Bandung !!”

  1. ayo ibuk2….gue rasa mau nangis lihat kamu punya hasil shopping… pas nie start menabung balik beb…blh p lagi nanti..hehe…


  2. waduh2.. shopping banget kalian semua….teruja sey, tengok my buddies berwajah ceria..
    btw, betul tu..tu baru Bandung.. i bet if uols semua gi Wonosobo, Sumedang, Garut and Kuningan.. huhuhu.. harus teruja tahap gaban semua..hihihi…



  3. Salaam Ibuk,
    Boleh tahu dimana hotel penginapan ibuk dan juga nama agensi pelancungan sekali. Ada kawan sesama dikantor ingin sekali mampir ke sana, insyaAllah awal bulan depan. Tapi belum lagi buat booking. kalau senang tolong e-mailkan saja maklumat yang dipohon. terima kasih ya buk..


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