..Saya ada kutu..

😀 tulis tajuk jer aku dah rasa kelakau. Hahaha.

This is my angel, Syaza. She will be six years old next month…


Citer nih terjadik semalam, when we went and visited her big sista at her boarding.

She bought a purple diary earlier on and insisted on keeping some journals of her own like her other sista, Sarah.

So I asked her, “awak nak tulis apa sayang oi, ure hardly into writing, and you want to keep a diary some more !!”  😉

She tarik muka masam.

“Okay jom jom Ibu ajar kay”..

We pulled a chair at the canteen and started to think what to write..

I strained my brain thinking of what is the easiest sentence for a six year old to write.

“Okay, okay.. tulis… Sa-ya   a-d-a   ku-tu..” I said. Thinking nothing more than the suku kata would be very easy for her to write.

Then she started to scribble and draw other things that I eventually just left her with her purple diary.

This morning, I saw the purple diary on her study table in her room and flipped through.

On the very first page of the purple diary, she wrote this…

Saya ada kutu” …. hahaha tak tahan aku 😀

Ambek ko…

7 Replies to “..Saya ada kutu..”

  1. beb, ko nie pun patut2 la nak kasi 1st entry kat budak tue..ada ka patut..saya ada kutu..hahaha…buh la saya makan nasi ka…ceh..mkn je ek..hehe… cian syaza…


  2. btw gang,
    her entry for yesterday
    in her purple diary
    that i saw malam tadi
    “Saya takut hantu..”
    *wink wink * apa ke hal nyer anak dara aku nih wei..


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