Ajin got his PSP

My four year old got his very own PSP (beyek * read ‘Black’ colour) over the weekend.  I eventually got it cheaper in Singapore tru his Nenek and Atok Itam as they came over to visit us over the weekend last.

My son, Ajin enjoying his new PSP.



He has been bugging me for one for himself and just look how happy he is today…

My heart sank with joy just looking how jovial he is having to owe his very own PSP  as sharing the other PSP with his older brother, Abang Ngah is almost impossible for him !!! Abang Ngah asyik sorok jer PSP dia..

Well sayang ibu Ajin, this PSP will be your birthday present kay (next month is his birthday btw). Jangan claim present lagi tau.  Pengsan wooo…


But anyway,  him and his PSP boleh lah dikatakan begini – tidor PSP, Makan PSP 😀 …

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