Our Happy Moments..

The last weekend of the school holidays has been an eventful one for us.  We did not go far or spent some days away at some resorts holidaying – but we are together in a family, with each other. It was an intimate but boisterous time. Our conversation sizzled, my juniors’s laughter rang through the moments and we had a fabulous and wonderful weekend !

(Except for our Along Miza was not there of course 😦 as she left earlier for her boarding school to attend to some motivational classes – you were not there with us indeed, but our thoughts was always with you darling).

Seize these photos with me please guys as my juniors enjoying their happy moments…

Saturday, 13 June 2009 – Another Megakidz trip brought by daddi.. 🙂

megakidz megakidz1 megakidz2 megakidz3

megakidz4 megakidz5 megakidz6 megakidz8


on Sunday, 14 June 2009 @ A Day At The Beach in Pantai Indah, Meru, Klang brought by Daddi also 😀

beach beach1 beach2 beach3

beach5 beach6 beach4 megakidz&beach&jigsaw 134

Thank you Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Kind for this happiness and love..

4 Replies to “Our Happy Moments..”

  1. There I can see the sweet smile of Ajin Piji already… so cute.. Pada dorang, tidak perlu tempat percutian canggih.. the quality time that we spent for them dah cukup membahagiakan dorang. Semuga Dia terus limpahkah rahmat kebahagiaan to your family..


  2. holiday vit person u luv memang happy . di mana kemana we go not important.yng penting kids happy and de other part also happy beb..


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