Jigsaw the puzzle

Daddy is home from his Terengganu trip and took us out to Midvalley (again ??) on Saturday last.

And we bought a jigsaw puzzle. Sarah and Syaza decided to embark on the jigsaw adventure right away as we reached home that night. We in the family actually came a very long way in the history of Jigsaw Puzzle. My eldest, Miza loves it great, greatly. She and her dad even started with ‘WASJIG’ which was wayyyyyyyyyy too tricky, I tell you.  Thing is now is Sarah and Syaza time. Mak dia a.k.a I- lah tuh, menyibuks jer most of the time. Heheh..

The chronology – Sarah and Syaza started at 10 pm with a little help of big bro, Abang Ngah !

Mommy decided to ‘menyibuk’ at about midnite… 😛


Malam makin lewat, jigsaw masih setengah to go when daddy ‘sifu’ decided to ‘menolong’..


My gurls happily putting in the last pieces at almost 2 am !!


Yaaayyy… akhirnya !! We wrapped up the jigsaw at about 2.30 am !! (tahan betul mata anak-anakku..) and we framed it.


Sarah eventually insisted that I hang it straight away !! So, I did. We hang it on the wall proudly at approximately 3 pagi !!


Congrats Sarah !
Congrats Syaza !
Congrats Abang Ngah !
Congrats Ayah !
errr Congrats ibu??  heheh 😀

3 Replies to “Jigsaw the puzzle”

  1. How I love jigsaw puzzles.. once completed 1,000pcs in 3 days but my darling n accidently turned the completed puzzle and all gone zasss within a blink. Been looking fwd to challange myself in solving bigger puzzles but never got the time yet.. 1 fine day.. i will… 😀


  2. We in the family actually came a long way
    from the jigsaw puzzle history
    Miza loves it greatly
    The father even started ‘wasjig’ which is wayyyyyy
    much much more tricky
    Now is Sarah and Syaza time 😀
    and they loving it
    Mak dia menyibuk jer…
    Thank you guys for sharing !!


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