Sick sick go away

I actually has been quite ill. For the past two weeks, almost.

Sakit apa?? Ntah, some viral fever.  But yang pastinya, it is affecting my selera makan very very badly.  In a way, baguslah untuk berdiet (kunun) but fact is, I chose to be healthy and able to taste the goodness of sambal belacan again 😦 as for current state of health – semua tawar…

Hence, I am trying to remain positive. I believe this is all all God’s test because He loves me. This trial time shall pass, I am sure.

Yang kesiannya anak-anak Hani lah. Cuti sekolah yang masih berlangsung menjadi cuti ‘menjaga ibu yang tak sihat’. hehe. Sorry guys. But all the cards that you drew me – bersepah sepah kat meja solek ibu – thank you for those guys !! Ure the best, really.

However, dalam sakit-sakit ni pun, di sebabkan oleh cuti sekolah, there would be days when I gagahkan diri gak keluar melayan my juniors. Like Saturday last, we took all day lepaking at MidValley. Sarah, Syaza and Razin wanted to go to MegaKidz – so megakidz it was for them. Miza as usually melepak kat kedai buku MPH-dia. She is so ulat buku and spent hours there.

But utmostly – to my betterhalf. I know he is worried sick 😦 as I am ‘the usual chirpy and healthier one’ at home. What can I say to him? –  I will be ookay soon. I know ure worried but this is also a trial time for us and I am so syukur  for I have you during this ‘sickly’ period.

And, as my Bandung Trip is supposedly less then 3 weeks away – I need to be back on my feet again.

Anyways, I snapped some gambar during our Saturday outing.  My favourite one was when Ajin Piji met the Optimus Prime. Tak kelip-kelip mata dia. Happy sungguh. hehe. Have a peek guys..

ajin_optimus optimus

Them @ Megakidz. Snapped sekeping jer.. maklum.. domam….


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