Sarah Seri Dewi Malam

My lovingly Sarah,


There is an entry being narrated by your favourite aunt, Mak Su. Read up HERE sayang… It is indeed about you and it is so very true..

Fold this story nicely in the lovely memory of yours, dear daughter. It will come in handy one day… believe me.

Enjoy the piece…

..Saya ada kutu..

😀 tulis tajuk jer aku dah rasa kelakau. Hahaha.

This is my angel, Syaza. She will be six years old next month…


Citer nih terjadik semalam, when we went and visited her big sista at her boarding.

She bought a purple diary earlier on and insisted on keeping some journals of her own like her other sista, Sarah.

So I asked her, “awak nak tulis apa sayang oi, ure hardly into writing, and you want to keep a diary some more !!”  😉

She tarik muka masam.

“Okay jom jom Ibu ajar kay”..

We pulled a chair at the canteen and started to think what to write..

I strained my brain thinking of what is the easiest sentence for a six year old to write.

“Okay, okay.. tulis… Sa-ya   a-d-a   ku-tu..” I said. Thinking nothing more than the suku kata would be very easy for her to write.

Then she started to scribble and draw other things that I eventually just left her with her purple diary.

This morning, I saw the purple diary on her study table in her room and flipped through.

On the very first page of the purple diary, she wrote this…

Saya ada kutu” …. hahaha tak tahan aku 😀

Ambek ko…

My dad-in-law, my dad..

June celebrates Father’s Day.

And almost half of the bloggers in Malaysia at least, I reckoned wrote about their dad and fond thoughts of their dads.

I did not.

I did ask myself why didn’t I? I have only one answer for myself – what to write when I did not even stay with him. He deserted my arwah mother when I was only six years old and left us. And I especially, being the youngest in the familly hardly saw him eversince. Nevertheless, my al fatihah to him today, May his soul be placed among the good and the pious. Amin.

However this morning, I was awaken from my deep sleep at about 6 am and had my dad-in-law (DIL) in my mind. I hope he is in great health as I am posting this today.

My father-in-law. The greatest in the world – to me at least. Ask me any day, I will never want to trade him with another father-in-law.  He is the best. Period.

Those early years being married to his second son, my dad-in-law (DIL) would wash my clothes, dried them and folded them. When I came back from work, he would have already tucked them nicely in my room. Not to mention, other zillion other things that he had always and would happily do for me…

My children are his greatest happiness as they are the only grandchildren that stayed with him. Four of my juniors grew up within his sight and care.

He is today bedridden due to his stroke that he had eight years ago.  He eversince is mobiled from his four children houses here in KL.  I think, the sad thing about being bedridden is how you got forgotten – in the hecticness of life around us.

Yeah true the children and cucu-cucu visited you when they have their time. But sadly though, when we have nothing to talk to you except for the first salam and hello, for probably the first 10 minutes as we arrived and the last five minutes before we left 😦 *sigh*

I remembered the first few years when he had his stroke, I would sit on his bed next to him whenever I had the time and we would talk and talk for hours.  He is a man rich with wonderful words of advices.  My DIL really enjoyed sharing his experiences about life. We would talk about stuff in life, from the least important to the very most important.  I treasure his wisdom and stories and very often use them as my guidelines as well especially in bringing up my robust juniors !

My DIL’s  favourite advice would be – sayangkan anak, tangan-tangankan. And I did exactly that. No doubt I never spanked my children sampai ke tahap tali dera- lah 😉 but I did and do spank them whenever they do bad. I love them greatly but remembering what my DIL has always said to me, would eventually shooh shooh away most of my guilt feelings.

And as I am remembering him today, I humbly seek my forgiveness for I know I have done loads that have hurt his feelings. Both from me and my family :(..

I prayed for his long blessed life. May Allah SWT give him good and happy life always. Please spare him his health…

He is never my in-law. He is my dad and Happy Father’s day, only belated Ayah !!



Ajin got his PSP

My four year old got his very own PSP (beyek * read ‘Black’ colour) over the weekend.  I eventually got it cheaper in Singapore tru his Nenek and Atok Itam as they came over to visit us over the weekend last.

My son, Ajin enjoying his new PSP.



He has been bugging me for one for himself and just look how happy he is today…

My heart sank with joy just looking how jovial he is having to owe his very own PSP  as sharing the other PSP with his older brother, Abang Ngah is almost impossible for him !!! Abang Ngah asyik sorok jer PSP dia..

Well sayang ibu Ajin, this PSP will be your birthday present kay (next month is his birthday btw). Jangan claim present lagi tau.  Pengsan wooo…


But anyway,  him and his PSP boleh lah dikatakan begini – tidor PSP, Makan PSP 😀 …

To Our Leading Man, Happy Father’s Day Darling !


😛 Please dont mess with him, he is our dad !!

Darling, I am sure your juniors yang ber’bin’ dan ber’binti’ kan tuan punya badan 😉

Miza Syakirah
Mustafa Hazim
Sarah Kamilia 
Syaza Irdina 
Razin Hafizi 

wish to hug and kiss you and wish their dad, “Happy Father’s Day !!”, as you are Their Coolest and Most Happening Dad in the entire universe!! We love you so greatly and dearly and pray for your health and happiness always…

Muahs muahs muahs… 🙂

Our Happy Moments..

The last weekend of the school holidays has been an eventful one for us.  We did not go far or spent some days away at some resorts holidaying – but we are together in a family, with each other. It was an intimate but boisterous time. Our conversation sizzled, my juniors’s laughter rang through the moments and we had a fabulous and wonderful weekend !

(Except for our Along Miza was not there of course 😦 as she left earlier for her boarding school to attend to some motivational classes – you were not there with us indeed, but our thoughts was always with you darling).

Seize these photos with me please guys as my juniors enjoying their happy moments…

Saturday, 13 June 2009 – Another Megakidz trip brought by daddi.. 🙂

megakidz megakidz1 megakidz2 megakidz3

megakidz4 megakidz5 megakidz6 megakidz8


on Sunday, 14 June 2009 @ A Day At The Beach in Pantai Indah, Meru, Klang brought by Daddi also 😀

beach beach1 beach2 beach3

beach5 beach6 beach4 megakidz&beach&jigsaw 134

Thank you Allah, The Most Merciful and Most Kind for this happiness and love..

Jigsaw the puzzle

Daddy is home from his Terengganu trip and took us out to Midvalley (again ??) on Saturday last.

And we bought a jigsaw puzzle. Sarah and Syaza decided to embark on the jigsaw adventure right away as we reached home that night. We in the family actually came a very long way in the history of Jigsaw Puzzle. My eldest, Miza loves it great, greatly. She and her dad even started with ‘WASJIG’ which was wayyyyyyyyyy too tricky, I tell you.  Thing is now is Sarah and Syaza time. Mak dia a.k.a I- lah tuh, menyibuks jer most of the time. Heheh..

The chronology – Sarah and Syaza started at 10 pm with a little help of big bro, Abang Ngah !

Mommy decided to ‘menyibuk’ at about midnite… 😛


Malam makin lewat, jigsaw masih setengah to go when daddy ‘sifu’ decided to ‘menolong’..


My gurls happily putting in the last pieces at almost 2 am !!


Yaaayyy… akhirnya !! We wrapped up the jigsaw at about 2.30 am !! (tahan betul mata anak-anakku..) and we framed it.


Sarah eventually insisted that I hang it straight away !! So, I did. We hang it on the wall proudly at approximately 3 pagi !!


Congrats Sarah !
Congrats Syaza !
Congrats Abang Ngah !
Congrats Ayah !
errr Congrats ibu??  heheh 😀