My Baby Is Fifteen Today!!


She was only  5 then.  Today she is a wonderful, independent, caring and responsible 15 year old!! 

Alhamdulliah, today on 21 May 2009 she is all grown up and celeberates her 15th birthday. 

Gosh dah besar anak dara aku 😉 and your birthday has always reminded me of how ‘far’ I have made my journey as a mother. Time flies really. Felt only yesterday that I nestled my nose in your sweet soft hair and smelt your heavenly scent !!

Miza a.k.a Kiera a.k.a Sha-Q  is however far away from home today 😦 but as we wish you happy birthday,  Ibu prays for your  success in whatever that you decide to do, May Allah SWT bless you with tawfiq and rezq. That you will also be all healthy and happy and enjoying your life to the fullest and may wisdom is all within you braving the world!

May all your dreams and ambition will come genuinely true soon, Amin Ya Rabalalamin. I know my daughter is a ‘go-getter’  – so go and conquer the world baby as Allah, The Most Kind and The Most Merciful will be with you always !

Happy Birthday sayang !! Ibu, Ayah, Abang Ngah, Sarah, Syaza and Ajin loves you tremendously much.

And oh by the way, this is her today at fifteen ! !


25 Replies to “My Baby Is Fifteen Today!!”

  1. kullu ammah anti bikhair…for our beloved niece,kaklong miza!may ur life full of barakah n rahmah…goshhh,i miss having u around as my cute2,chubby2 n of course brilliant little niece.sekrg pun cute gak..but in bigger scale..hehe.
    love u so muchh…eppy sweet 15.hug n kisses from us—->paksu&maksu*DQ&EA&’baba’.our doa will alwiz be with you dear, to be a succesful khalifah duniya wal akhirah.


  2. hepi bufday to sweet 15th Kiera..mmuah..mmuah.. Kiera pelik je la beb coz we r so used to call her..Mieza..hehe…so, x de plan nak wat bday ke..blh la i wat cupcake for ibunya x la rasa sedey lagi *wink ~wink*


  3. Hani, you got such a beautiful daughter. Syabas to you for bringing up such a wonderful gift creation of Allah. To Miza Syakirah yang manis, Selamat Hari Ulang Tahun dari Aunty..(i have a goingtobe 15 yr old son too).. Semuga Miza terus di limpahkan rahmat Allah S.W.T.& jadi anak yang solehah, cemerlang dunia akhirat. As a mom, I do feel.. how proud your mom is to have you in this world…


  4. my birthday wish goes to the loveliest niece on earth…Miza Syakirah..happy birthday darling….May Allah showers you with His greatest love you ever imagine and also grants you good health and happiness….we, K.Yong, Uncle Long, Adam, Adib & Adif, love you so much…mmmuahhhhh…..


  5. My dearest lil sis awa and family, Aunt Nida, my buddy Faiz and my lovely anak sedara Ira 🙂 ,

    As a mother, thank you so much for all the wonderful prayers and wishes for my lovingly firstborn. Our life has been extraordinaire amazing with all of you around us.

    May Allah SWT blesses us all with His barakah and rezq.. 🙂 Amin…


  6. Happy Birthday Kiera dear…
    sukala ngan panggilan kiera ni..manja jer bunyinya.. niway.. Semuga DiRahmati dan diberkati ALLAH sentiasa.
    Happy Sweet 15!!!


  7. Beloved Untie Sherry & batalion and Untie MeliaTheWhite 🙂

    Am sure Miza a.k.a Kiera (payah wei :D) wants to say thank you
    for the never ending doa and wish.
    Errr… ada kuih chara ngak?? 😛


  8. hari ahad ini saya akan membuat apam eno..muahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhaa.. kak sherry awak kena buat kuih chara extra..sbb ari ahad tu saya da perjumpaan warga Indon..majlis kesyukuran tu..lepas tu nk melobi..muahhahahahhahaha….


  9. tu laaa..Alia pun kena buat lebey2 sikit apam eno ut (i x penah rasa).. and yup.. alangkah bahagianya hidup kami semua ini andaikata dapat dihidangkan kuih charamu itew…teringat2 lagi rasanya yg penuh daging itu..hihihihi..


  10. 😀 moh sayangku.
    Sila sila jemput. For serious – this Sunday, lunch my place, InsyaAllah.
    Depa-depa tuh sumer KIV to be confirmed.
    As for kuih chara tuh..
    ehem ehem, dah balik ke Cik Sherry oi dari surau lakang umah? 😛


  11. cik Sherry gi surau lakang umah tu kejap jerr…dah balik ke rumah pun, tengah bersiap2 nak ke pasar tu membeli daging, kot2 dah ada dlm es box tuh!
    mmm.. insya’Allah ramai2 la kita dapat merasa ‘kuih chara’ itew pada hari Ahad ini.. ya beda2 bedu.. lambatnya lagi ari Ahad… hihihihi


  12. KIERA.. B. anak yang soleh.dun ever forget jasa ibu dan ayah,,Kiera i always pray for u .
    supaya u beroleh kejayaaan in future..


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