Ajin & Ali

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother !

Meet Ali in orange. And my son of course, Ajin Piji in blue.


They are cousins by blood born in the same year – 2005.

Best to describe these two – cannot live with, cannot live without !!.  Two boys with two different personalities but enjoys each other’s company tremendously at every opportunity that arise for them to meet and ‘fight fight’ ;).

10 Replies to “Ajin & Ali”

  1. muahhahahahhahahaha..tiap2 pagi…nk g rumah ibu..nk jumpa razin..ayooo…ini budak kecik…. boleh pening kepala ooo… paling bestnya..malam tadi gigau sampai jatuh katil..penangan x dapat jumpa razin..hahhahahhahahah…ali ali…


  2. No uncle
    Zaman-zaman Ben10, gedemon dia sumer dah berlalu..
    Dia nak PSP ‘yed’ (read : red) colour !!
    Erkks 😛 and he is only what, four???


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