Miza is KIERA now?

We named her Miza Syakirah when she was born fifteen years ago.

Today at 15, she is so suddenly becomes KIERA??

Oh anakku.

Well, anyway since her daddy is travelling soon and will eventually miss her birthday this Thursday, 21 May, we then decided to visit her at her school yesterday.

Daddy bought her a cake. To my surprise, daddy put there ‘Happy Birthday Kiera’ ??  Eh ayahandanya pun. Dah bersekongkol nampak 😉 hehe.


Sori darling. Kek ter-comot sikit due to your lil sista yang tertido semasa memegang kek tersebut. Comel.

Thing is, next to Miza Syakirah who is KIERA now, si Sarah Kamilia pun decides to be called MILIA lah pulak  instead of  Sarah ! Amboi amboi terkezut den.. 😛

Esok lusa, apa-apa ntah lagi korang nak tukar eh. Changing for betterment kira okaylah sayang oi…

21 Replies to “Miza is KIERA now?”

  1. Hello Nida,

    Thank you for visiting.
    Hpe you have a good time reading my craps 😉
    Miza means ‘Berseri-berseri’, So I do hope my Miza represents that
    But like u said, true that Kiera is indeed more glamour,
    I am just wondering and worrying
    what does Kiera means btw..

    Dear Zilani,

    Thank you for the lovely thoughts
    As always 🙂


  2. ayooo..itu Ali suruh merengek..mau g rumah Ibu..nk jumpa Razin..ayooooo…. 2 org sahabat baik tu…..kena bawak berjumpa…:D


  3. Dearest Ibu,
    Although my dormmates call me Keyra..n My friends call me Sya-Q..by all means I’m still Miza Syakirah bt Mohd Razif a.k.a daughter of Muhaini bt Ali..Don’t worry..BTW..camping jadi..so I’ll be home by Sunday..I’ll call you soon..don’t forget..2 days to goooo..heheh..send my love to our family..thank you..I’ll call you soon Ibu..Love You!!!


  4. Noted darling on your camping 🙂
    Regardless of you are Keyra or Sya-Q or Miza Syakirah bt Mohd Razif
    You will forever will be my ‘baby’? 😉


  5. hehhehehhe..ye la cik miza@kiera@along… u still my miza comei lote…auuuwwwwwwwwww… Aunty Ya x sabar tunggu sunday ni..nk ajar buat apam eno@apam beras..muahahhahahahhahaha


  6. muahahhahahhahahahhahaha..sabo je el..apa2 pun arap2 dapat makan lagi kuih chara kak sherry..yummy yummy… kak sherry bila nk buat lagi? auuww..muka x malu ni…hehehhehehhe


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