Bandung In Mind:)

I am not much into travelling actually. Malas. I think I am a- home- comfort- kinda person.

The idea of travelling is all fun but to actually ‘pack my stuff and travel’ is altogether another issue that usually put me off.

Nevertheless,.. hmmm I am thinking Bandung right now? 😉 They say, that place is a ‘heaven’ made on earth for female shoppers. 

Wadya think?? surprise.. surprise 😀

Good news in store for me kaa??  This lovely thought will wrap up my weekend nicely I think…

Till later guys, have a good resting weekend with your loved ones.

8 Replies to “Bandung In Mind:)”

  1. hihihii.. heaven on earth for so many many things.. dont 4get to try the food tooo.. and of coz.. shopping is a wonderful experience there.. pilih jer yg mana berkenan dihati..


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