My kupu-kupu

mygirls_wing 001   mygirls_wing 006

Dua orang anak dara ini adalah anakanda-anakanda ku, Sarah dangdut and Syaza. Dan ini adalah entry-ku yang amat membosankan untuk hari ini 😛

Yesterday, I made my ‘usual’ trip to Mega mall and saw these fairy’ wings.  I straight away bought them – one in purple (syaza’s fav karer) and one in pink (si dangdut fav karer).

Thing is, this is the second time I bought these kinda for my two beautiful princessess.  Panas tul hati Hani menengok harganya – RM 5!!! – hampeh tul.  (Maklum, beli pun di kedai 5 hinggit di Mid Vall) coz the first time I bought them was at the street walk at The Curve and it cost me RM 20 each!!

Hangguk tul!!!

Heavenly Babes!!

We melepak again on Sunday, 24 May 2009 at my place. Like honest, its heavenly everytime we berkumpul and lepak.  We truly cherished the moments hingga ke tahap gaban !! Like what we always said to each other – life is brief, lets have a good time and make it worth.

Kekawanku ni pulak adalah merupakan chef-chef yang tidak ada tolong bandingannya. Lets set our hearts afire and inflame our taste buds menengok makanan-makanan yang kekawanku ini telah masak.  Jom-jom tengok. 

Mengikut susunan gambar –  The first gambar is the ever historic Chara from Sherry and ‘kepam-kepam’ kuih apam pink karer from my lil sis in law – Alia.  Our MeliaTheWhite cooked the delish Daging Solo and ayam perap rempah that indeed tantalized our tastebuds!. Oh and the ever mouth-watering Caramel pudding from my blogger dearest friend a.k.a  Faiz and the last gambar yang dipromo dengan ayunya oleh Rynn and ‘cuba teka tangan siapa itu’  😉 adalah tempe cicah kicap by alia’s. Nyum nyum…

Read up also – Faiz’s  @ HERE . More gambau-gambau 🙂

lepak_2405 012  lepak_2405 002  lepak_2405 015  lepak_2405 014

.. and these were the lauk-pauk that I cooked. Ehem ehem..

lepak_2405 001 lepak_2405 003

.. gulai telur itik berteman kan sambal belacan yang didonate oleh Sherry. Ada ayam kicap and ikan goreng. Also, telur sambal yang dibuat khusus untuk anak Rynn – Iman. Not forgetting, I also cooked ayam kicap and sayur campur 🙂

The day was humid. Panas tak hingat dunia. But even that did not thwart us from having a gud time inclusive of berkelo-kelo teh tarik and of course, Kopi Che Senah yang as usually sponsored by Sherry 😛

Kekawan yang kekenyangan…

lepak_2405 008

lepak_2405 011

So tell me again guys – with ‘that’ amount of food that we stuffed into our stomach – macamana nak kurus nih wei…??? hehe. 😛

A.d.i.Q.u.e Blastful Birthday !

They say, better late than never it is.

Belated indeed that only last Wednesday, 20 May instead of  17 May, that our gang managed to gather and tiup-tiup lilin.  We had a blastful time – good food and a good laugh!!  Happy Birthday my friend.

The besday-gurl wishes to remain anonymous. She beats me to it, here goes nonetheless 😛

adique_bday 009

adique_bday 019

Ini lah jer lah gambau-gambau yang ‘diijinkan’ keluar 😉 – loved the way it turned out tho.

Untuk gambau-gambau seterusnya, silalah semak email-email yang berdekatan dengan anda. Hikhik.

Nota Kaki

If semua dah okay and confirmed, lets gather again my place Sunday, 24 May from lunch time till infinity 😉

Dear Faiz and Adique, if you are reading this – sila sila, I’d be honoured.

My Baby Is Fifteen Today!!


She was only  5 then.  Today she is a wonderful, independent, caring and responsible 15 year old!! 

Alhamdulliah, today on 21 May 2009 she is all grown up and celeberates her 15th birthday. 

Gosh dah besar anak dara aku 😉 and your birthday has always reminded me of how ‘far’ I have made my journey as a mother. Time flies really. Felt only yesterday that I nestled my nose in your sweet soft hair and smelt your heavenly scent !!

Miza a.k.a Kiera a.k.a Sha-Q  is however far away from home today 😦 but as we wish you happy birthday,  Ibu prays for your  success in whatever that you decide to do, May Allah SWT bless you with tawfiq and rezq. That you will also be all healthy and happy and enjoying your life to the fullest and may wisdom is all within you braving the world!

May all your dreams and ambition will come genuinely true soon, Amin Ya Rabalalamin. I know my daughter is a ‘go-getter’  – so go and conquer the world baby as Allah, The Most Kind and The Most Merciful will be with you always !

Happy Birthday sayang !! Ibu, Ayah, Abang Ngah, Sarah, Syaza and Ajin loves you tremendously much.

And oh by the way, this is her today at fifteen ! !


Ajin & Ali

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother !

Meet Ali in orange. And my son of course, Ajin Piji in blue.


They are cousins by blood born in the same year – 2005.

Best to describe these two – cannot live with, cannot live without !!.  Two boys with two different personalities but enjoys each other’s company tremendously at every opportunity that arise for them to meet and ‘fight fight’ ;).

Miza is KIERA now?

We named her Miza Syakirah when she was born fifteen years ago.

Today at 15, she is so suddenly becomes KIERA??

Oh anakku.

Well, anyway since her daddy is travelling soon and will eventually miss her birthday this Thursday, 21 May, we then decided to visit her at her school yesterday.

Daddy bought her a cake. To my surprise, daddy put there ‘Happy Birthday Kiera’ ??  Eh ayahandanya pun. Dah bersekongkol nampak 😉 hehe.


Sori darling. Kek ter-comot sikit due to your lil sista yang tertido semasa memegang kek tersebut. Comel.

Thing is, next to Miza Syakirah who is KIERA now, si Sarah Kamilia pun decides to be called MILIA lah pulak  instead of  Sarah ! Amboi amboi terkezut den.. 😛

Esok lusa, apa-apa ntah lagi korang nak tukar eh. Changing for betterment kira okaylah sayang oi…

Bandung In Mind:)

I am not much into travelling actually. Malas. I think I am a- home- comfort- kinda person.

The idea of travelling is all fun but to actually ‘pack my stuff and travel’ is altogether another issue that usually put me off.

Nevertheless,.. hmmm I am thinking Bandung right now? 😉 They say, that place is a ‘heaven’ made on earth for female shoppers. 

Wadya think?? surprise.. surprise 😀

Good news in store for me kaa??  This lovely thought will wrap up my weekend nicely I think…

Till later guys, have a good resting weekend with your loved ones.